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Hey there duders,

I was just curious to know if any of you out there live in Toronto and use or have used GameAccess.ca for renting out games. I have a pretty sizeable backlog of single player games which I want to finish over the summer, but I think buying every single one of them won't be feasible. Most of them are games from last year like the Assassin Creed series, Infamous 2 and the likes .. so nothing super new I guess, so I am hoping getting them won't be a hassle. Also, how is the turnaround time in Toronto .. do I get a game within 2-3 days, considering the company is based in nearby Montreal ?

Anyway, any heads up on if it is worth getting a subscription would be truly appreciated.

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Hell do I know. I'm on shrooms. Get it? Because I'm SexyToad

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@SexyToad: You got any spare ones SexyToad ? :P

@Kidavenger: Thanks man. Will check it out !

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I used it last year and I live in Hamilton which is pretty close to Toronto. It took nearly a week to get games and if I beat a game in a day it would take nearly two weeks to get a new one. It may be better now but that was my experience with it.