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Am I the only one? Thought about the season? Favorite team/driver?

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Hard to get decent F1 coverage in the states.

We don't like right turns over here.

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Nope there's F1 fans on here scattered about. I thought the season was fantastic, but it's starting to turn a tad predictable. That is to say, Seb Vettle is going to win the Drivers Championship and RedBull the Constructors. McLaren truly effed up, again. Which is a shame, as they're my favourite team, then Sauber.

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yeah, i've watched every race for the last 20 years.

think this season has been oe of the best i can remember.

im from the UK so always wave the flag for the british drivers. although i think its really going down to Alonso or Vettel this year and i don't really care who wins either way out of those 2.

think next year will be simular to this year, will be interesting to see how perez does in a maclaren and how halitlon does in the mercades.

but its all about 2014 now and the big engine changes that are coming in.

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Fan of it too but coverage isn't exactly easy to come by in Canada either.

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Yeah I'm an F1 fan. Kind of hate to love it at this point, too much drama bullshit created by the media, too much credit given to the drivers and a lack of innovation in anything but Aerodynamics. I'm a Motorsport Engineering student and I'm much more interested in Le Mans prototypes and GT cars. The racing has been better the last couple of years (in 2010 I didn't watch a couple of races it got so boring), but the racing is still way better in other series. BTCC especially has been brilliant this year. F1 is just good because of how massive and fast it is. Just watching the cars at most circuits is enough to keep me interested.

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I haven't been able to watch the races this season as intently as I'd have liked to, but what I have seen has been GOOD. Although, from what I understood, Red Bull got some new parts for Suzuka and have more improvements on the way, so they might start dominating again.

Whenever the Finns do well, I'm happy. Besides that, I kind of want Grosjean to succeed, but he keeps fucking up.

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I grew up watching F1 with my Dad. I've gotten a bit out of touch with it in recent years, as stated earlier, there is too much drama stirred up. My fav. team growing up was Williams and my fav. driver was Damon Hill, I remember being ecstatic the day he won the championship, then he went to Arrows...

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@runnah555: I am personally not a fan but a good friend of mine is. He is flying down here to Austin for the race in November and he bought me a ticket, I'm pretty fuckin excited.

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A big fan, I try to watch the races (or highlights due to Sky, bah) when I can. I would say I am a Hispania fan, I tend to like the lower end teams (Minardi, Orange Arrows, Super Aguri, and now Hispania). I like they have more character and fight than some of the bigger teams. When one of them scores a point and it feels like they have won the championship, that is a great feeling. In the main teams, I guess Red Bull are cool, McLaren I used to be a fan of back in Mika Hakkinen times but Hamilton has put me off a bit (with all the cheating they were doing a couple of years back really put me off them).

I did loose interest in F1 when the race and championship was pretty much a done deal for Schumacher but now it is more exciting as there are several cars that I would say can win a race (McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull, Williams have won one and Lotus seemed close at one point and even Sauber have been very strong this season, Mercedes seem to be like Lotus, started out well but have tailed off, Mercedes even more so recently where picking up a point or two seems like a good race for them). Hopefully this will continue and Kamui Kobayashi gets a seat next year as I really like the guy back from when he was racing for Toyota. Shame Honda and Toyota both left as we could use more manufacturers in the sport. But hopefully a new team will enter soon that can mix things up more and Hispania get some pace together and maybe get a point (I would love it if they scored a point before Marrussia/ Caterham do given how much more they have at their disposal, just like in 1999 when BAR failed to score a point and were beat in the championship by Minardi, good times).