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Hello there.
About a day or so ago I posted a blog about how much I love women (hint: I like them a lot).
In an uproarious bit of irony, my best girl friend broke my heart. 
Well, more like she ripped out my heart, observed it, took a chainsaw to it, repeatedly stabbed it, ripped it apart to scraps, stepped on it multiple times, then gave the crumbs back to me.
Needless to say, I'm going to be a bit of a downer for a while, but at least I have games to keep my mind preoccupied. 
My question is this: 
Do you guys have any games, or could you recommend any games that will let me purge my emotions so that I can at least make myself feel better in the meantime?
EDIT: Sorry about the awkward phrasing in the title. As an English major, I'm kinda ashamed of myself.

#2 Posted by Daryl (1781 posts) -

Maybe a few insane massacres on Saints Row 2 or something? Can't beat taking a sledgehammer to someone's face.

#3 Posted by Goly (843 posts) -

Painkiller! Playing this right now and it's like playing Doom with modern graphics and ragdoll physics. Plus everytime I put it on I feel like listening to Judas Priest's Painkiller. FASTER THAN A BUUUULLETTT

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Dead Rising! 2x4 smack to the undead face....Yum
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Love that song.
 But in regards to your post, I just opened my steam account and I might bite on that game now.
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Any game. If it's a multiplayer game, at least it will give you something else to be pissed about.

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burn zombie burn, that will hav you laughin in no time

#9 Posted by TomA (2532 posts) -

Dragon Age Origins for PC

#10 Posted by Snipzor (3317 posts) -

Unfortunately I avoid games when in a bad mood, otherwise I create a mental association of being in a bad mood with the game I'm playing, thus removing all ability for me to enjoy that game for an extended period of time. 
The exception of course being Tetris.

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I often find myself overthinking personal problems when I am playing a video game and don't need to spend too much brainpower on it.
My remedy for that is an RPG with a decent story, where I find that I'm paying enough attention to the story to avoid that.
Games that have worked for me in this regard include the Persona series, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Tales of Vesperia. Note that I said "decent" and your mileage may vary.

#12 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (999 posts) -

Yeah, usually when I get broken up with or something bad happens, I tend to like being out with people rather that playing games. It makes me think about it even more and I can't concentrate on the game.
#13 Posted by dutch42 (533 posts) -

nothing frustrating i guess. when i'm in a bad mood and i get really stuck on something it amplifies it about ten times and then it's controller through the window time, so play something you kick a decent amount of ass at.

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I just play any games really regardless of mood but if you're feeling down it might be a good idea to play games that aren't too demanding since that might only further frustrate you. Still, the only games I can think of now are flower, DEATH WORM!!!, or I Wanna Be The Guy if you're feeling masochistic.

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Hmmm... when I'm feeling really bad I tend to not play games at all, but I'd say something nice and easy. Like dutch said you don't want anything that will frustrate you or get you worked up, so go with something easy, preferably engaging with a good story to help you take your mind off things.

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Maybe a adventure game like Monkey island will help you.

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Personally, any game, really. Either that or just watching TV/taking a nap.
But to be game specific, Prototype (New Game +, Everything Unlocked, Easy, Beginning of Game, slaughterfest), or Red Faction: Guerilla (Hey, there's a single enemy in that building who cannot see me... goodbye building). Both are pretty good for mindless killing and mindless destruction respectively.
But plain old awesome games work for me (Halo 3, Mass Effect, Ace Combat 6...love 'em all).

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Anything that has a good enough story to make you forget about your own.
For example, KoToR.

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@eroticfishcake: I Wanna Be the Guy is kinda awesome, but I think that might just make things worse, considering how unrelentless that game is (I lose my patience way too easily- I have two broken Playstation controllers to attest to that).
I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 a while ago, and while hacking and slashing at zombies (oh I'm sorry, infected peoples) was fun, still couldn't really keep my mind off stuff.
Whoever said adventure games/story based games might be on the money. I have that Secret of Monkey Island for XBLA and I might have to finally get into that very soon.
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To mellow out I play Bejeweled 2. The music and mellow pace of the game usually calm me down. However, when I am really angry I like to play something like God of War, Postal 2, or Gears, which has a lot of extremely brutal killing in it so I can vent my frustration.

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Just play Portal...it takes your mind off of everything.

#22 Posted by ADTR_ZERO (1060 posts) -

I hear Demon's Souls is nice and relaxing. Also, Devil May Cry 3.

#23 Posted by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -

Painkiller is frickin' awesome! 
I knew this already in 2004...
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Given your chainsaw metaphor, perhaps a spot of Dead Rising or Gears of War could be satisfying.
Edit:  Actually Dead Rising is more frustrating than satisfying.

#25 Posted by bwooduhs (1615 posts) -

When i'm angry i just blow shit up in Red Faction Guerrilla

#26 Posted by NeoGecko (151 posts) -

I'd go with something really easy, nothing is coming to mind, but that always helps me.

#27 Posted by IzzyGraze (838 posts) -

I like to zombie out and play an open world game. Going around and destroying all the Nazi points in the Saboteur is fun. I've never really found a game that hits the spot for these times though.

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For me personally, Mirror's Edge does the trick.  

#29 Posted by MuddaShukka (52 posts) -
@Snipzor said:
"Unfortunately I avoid games when in a bad mood, otherwise I create a mental association of being in a bad mood with the game I'm playing, thus removing all ability for me to enjoy that game for an extended period of time.  The exception of course being Tetris. "

#30 Posted by Romination (2768 posts) -

a boy and his blob. It's so adorable that I automatically get lifted into a good mood.
Also, Spider-Man 2, because for some reason swinging makes me better

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Tetris. Quite calming sometimes...

#32 Posted by Zajtalan (1153 posts) -

flower, or maybe flow

#33 Posted by artofwar420 (6227 posts) -

I prefer games that don't require much of my attention but enough that it's rewarding. Something like Team Fortress 2, or a random Popcap game.

#34 Posted by Video_Game_King (34603 posts) -

I can't think of many, but NiGHTS comes to mind, as does any game in my top 10 ever.

#35 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6375 posts) -

Nazi zombies on Call of Duty World At War with three other friends,  Prototype, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, WET, or go on a huge massacre in grand theft auto IV, get a 6 star wanted rating and try to drive away with three other people in the same car. Some of the most memorable moments in gaming are created this way.
#36 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19155 posts) -

All of them.  Games are probably the only reason I'm still sane.

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I don't usually play videos games when i'm in a bad mood. it makes me even angrier, the exception being Tetris, Saint's Row 2 and Postal 2. I usually draw or watch a really, really funny show. 

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Pretty much any game will do.

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Sorry to hear about your break up my friend! Bummer : (
I usually go back and play nostalgic games like Zelda and Mario. Makes me think of the good old days.

#40 Posted by RaccoonusDoodus (324 posts) -

Just play more of the game you're currently trying to beat. For me, it takes my mind off most things until I beat it. 
Play a game that requires a lot of thinking. Like Portal or Braid. Works all the time.
Play a game that made you happy when you were younger. It works for me, at least. But that just might be me, I don't know lol. 
That's what I do if I'm in a bad mood. Or take a nap.

#41 Posted by Hamst3r (4342 posts) -

Not really. If I'm in a bad mood I usually don't feel like playing a game. I'd rather watch a nature or science documentary as it'll actually get me thinking about something else.
#42 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4874 posts) -

GTA games are great. Just start RPG'ing everything.

#43 Posted by Alphonzo (756 posts) -

Now is the perfect time to jump back into Half-Life 2....hoo boy, that game sucked me in for a good while. 

#44 Posted by RobotHamster (4156 posts) -

POKEMON!!!! How can you be in a bad mood playing POKEMON!  or right now for me is Dragon Age.  But a game definitely not to play is MW2, when shit starts to happen in that game Ill get pissed, REALLY pissed.  Also I tend to do worst at games when Im in a really bad mood, so Ill try doing something else.

#45 Posted by Christoffer (1654 posts) -

I always have the best Team Fortress rounds when i'm angry. There's something about a ferociously charging sniper that makes people insecure and easy to kill... i guess.

#46 Posted by Clinkz (1118 posts) -
@Drebin_893 said:
" Flower. "
Catch the Wind my friend.
#47 Posted by dyslekt (281 posts) -

Flower can go both ways. 
Perhaps  ratchet an clank, they are fun and light.

#48 Posted by Amberella (163 posts) -

Anything that involves killing something usually does the trick. But it can also backfire if I'm constantly getting killed myself. So it's a 50/50 thing that could happen. Could get into a worse mood or my mood could lift.
#49 Posted by Joker_777 (326 posts) -

Forget games just kick something.

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