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This sounds like a weird post, asking for nationality and all that, but just out of curiosity, are there any korean people among giantbomb users? Not even sure this kind of posting is suited for this forum...

Giantbomb has the nicest people in its community (from my experience, at least) and it is kind of a bummer that I can not attend any giantbomb booth events to meet other duders, so I was wandering!

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After spending a year surrounded by KATUSAs I find the concept of Korean "dudders" odd.

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@shadowskill11: the word "duders" of course, is just used as a substitute for "giantbomb users". Were you in the army?

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I have a Korean actress as my avatar if that counts.

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I'm not Korean, but I've lived in Korea for the past 9 years. If you want to meet other English speaking gamers in Korea, there's a huge Facebook group of us called "Gamers in Korea".