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New season premiered yesterday, and I had almost forgotten how much I missed it.

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No, you are the only one.

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isn't top gear the most watch TV show on the planet.

but yeah, it good to have it back and was a great first episode.

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@rotorious: Haven't watched it in years, can you recommend any decent episodes from the past 4 years, really loved their road trip episodes and testing Veyrons =)

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@Bourbon_Warrior: Any of the "specials" from the past few seasons are a good jumping off point to get yourself back in. My personal favorite is the South American special.

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Eh. It's not the show it once was. still ok. But it's far to scripted now. Now the Colin McRae documentary that was on after was great. " If in doubt, go flat out"

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Assuming you mean the real one on BBC, yes. It's my favorite show! I thought it wasn't debuting until sometime in February, though. Or is that just for America?

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New Season premieres next week in the US. Excited!

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Absolutely love it. Great start to the season and that montage promises many more laughs to come.

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I used to really like it, but it kinda jumped the shark quite a while ago and their hilarious faliures just seem so set up and scripted these days. That said I'll probably still watch it because there's sod all else to watch.

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Yeah I'm a massive fan of Top gear and on that bombshell it's time to end .

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I might watch that show alot. Like...ALOT.

I agree that it suffers from over-scripting these days, but that hasn't been a dealbreaker yet. The thing that bugs me more is my love/hate relationship with Jeremy Clarkson. I WISH THAT JAMES RAN THINGS!

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Absolutely love that show, but have to agree on the over-scripting, at least in the new series. However, the bit where Jeremy showed of his P45 was just plain awesome. The coming road trip to Africa looks amazing, these parts are always my favorite.

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Tonight! Jeremy is a ponce, Hammond eats a bug, and the Stig gives birth on camera!

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The part with the P45 in the first episode of the new season had a hilarity reminiscent of the now famous Reliant Robin test.

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Just a fan of the BBC UK version & always find myself watching it.

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I'm in the process of watching every episode up on netflix at the moment and yes, it is pretty damn great.

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My favorite show on television.

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I do but I live in the US so I have to either wait for BBC America to show it or for it to come up on Netflix.

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It's nowhere near as good as it used to be, but I'll still watch the hell out of it if it's on.

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The best show...in the world.

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I love Top Gear, but I haven't watched it in about a year. Mainly because I stopped watching tv.

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Ah, I forgot it was yesterday! 
I'm not that into cars but I really like Top Gear, it's entertaining.

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At some point, their jokes started seeming forced or repetitive and episodes were either incredibly stupid in a bad way or just boring. I used to love it but stopped watching a while a go.

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ethan lance, one of the bosses of whiskey media is real big into top gear,

but i think he said fuck it to this site after whiskey imploded

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Loved it! The songs were great!

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