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So the weather here has been pretty bad over the last couple of days, especially where I live (I'm just outside Maidstone) but thankfully I live on a hill so we are ok. Did anyone get flooded out?

It looks like the hello games people (No mans sky) lost all their stuff when their office got flooded.

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I live in the North West which tends to get it pretty easy when the elements batter the rest of the country, very thankful for my regularly scheduled Christmas after seeing some towns having theirs ruined by wind and water.

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No, thankfully I'm dry and have all my power, although it was looking a little like I might be spending Christmas without electricity at one point. I sympathise with all the people who were hit bad by the weather, the stuff on the news looks awful.

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@gamer_152: Yeah I had no power for about three hours on Christmas Eve. thankfully it came back on. Unfortunately the next village over got completely flooded out and 70 people had to be rescued.

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brits use the term 'duders'?

I would love to hear that said in an british accent!

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Fortunately not. But I'm at my parents house in the North West. When I go home in a few days, I'm back down to the South West (Near Bath) and my house is NEXT to a river. So who knows!

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Nope, luckily enough. Only a quick bus ride from New Brighton, though, which looked to be really swamped a couple of weeks back.

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How bad is it over there?

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Nope, no flooding here. It's been damp and it's been windy, and snowy higher up, but here on the Moray Firth coast it's been alright. Actually it was even quite pleasant today, in the sense that there was sunshine for a while.

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Having had to deal with flooding in my own home twice I've got to say it sucks and nobody should have to deal with it. =(