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I've just got one and I've got a weird problem that I think will have an easy fix!! Whilst I have been trawling through pages and pages of help forums, I trust in the GB community to hopefully help me out as its a weird thing to phrase so that Google knows what I want!

So my problem is that when I view the contacts list on the phone, it has all my SIM contacts in. So far so good! However when I go to add a picture to a contact, the list that pops up is comprised of only emails from my Gmail account, plus 3 random contacts that it calls 'Joined Contacts'. Where is my proper contact list that I wish to attach the picture to? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Cheers chaps!!

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I wonder if it's because you have them on your SIM card, maybe? I'd imagine there isn't much space to store pics on there or whatever. Maybe move those contacts to your main storage? I just got an S3 for Christmas, but I haven't tried anything like that with my contacts, but that would be my best guess.

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Not sure if this is what you were looking at to begin with, but I'm pretty sure with the S3's there is something called "People" in the apps list that has all your contacts.

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Get the contacts off of the SIM and onto the phone or a linked Gmail account or something. The SIM has such limited storage that it's likely having issues linking anything more than a single name/number. With automatic syncing, gmail is much safer than a SIM anyway for contact storage.

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I have a S3 in the UK and i don't know how you're getting to your gmail emails from the contact list. You should access contacts from contacts app in the app drawer or from the phone app and touching contacts at the top. After you get there, just touch the picture icon next to the contact. I don't know if it matters if it's on the sim but you should sync all your contacts to your gmail account if it hasn't done that automatically already.

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A SIM card is not capable of storing pictures. You'll need to import your SIM contacts onto an email account (gmail for example) to which you can tie images to your contacts on that account. Note well though, when you transfer that SIM over to another phone it won't contain those photos, as it's really only tied to that email account.