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Found out a few days ago that it's in open beta now, and finally decided to try it out. I basically have very little knowledge on everything in it and have been trying to follow the tutorial, however there are a lot of key points that they don't go very in-depth with...but I'm making my way through those challenges and getting better! Anyone else try making any movies, yet?

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Nope, and I fucking hate everyone who's gotten into it so far.

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Oh, it's actually out for everyone.

Fuck, downloading now.

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No, I noticed it was available and I look forward to seeing the content being produced. But I have no such skills myself.

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Definitely looking forward to messing around with it once I get some time. Looks insane, Valve are such mad geniuses.

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I'm definitely going to try it out. I have no experience with animation, but I'd like to gain some.

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I want to try it out. Hopefully I can use it to learn something that will help me move up at work. Looks like it would be a lot of fun to mess around with anyway.

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Can't wait to see all the dumb shit people come up with!

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Didn't realise it was in open beta, will definitely be messing around with this when I get home.

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Well, hopefully some more of you guys start messing around in there. There's a TON of stuff to do and a lot to learn, so I think that just by using it we can help each other out a bunch.

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i opened the Meet the Heavy video they gave you to play with and couldn't make heads or tales of the system...guess i gotta read tutorials like some kinda shlub.

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@Sweep: I don't have that kind of time.

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@decko5: Apparently, neither do I!

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As someone studying film, I'm interested in trying it out, if only to see what it's capable of.

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@ShadowConqueror: It's preeeetty high detail stuff, and you should definitely check it out if you find animation cool in any way. Personally I really enjoy cinematography, and its nice being able to get any kind of camera angle you want quickly and effortlessly.

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@Sweep: Why what happened?

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I'd love to try it, but it isn't available on OSX. :(

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Not by me (duh).

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is it only team fortress 2 assets?

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Set it off doing a render to avi and it hit a 4GB file size cap for some reason (NTFS volume so not a FAT32 issue) and the non-raw avi output options are a message about installing quicktime.

I'd do anything for Valve, but I won't do that!

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@darkvare: No there are also HL2 assets and some kind of random odds and ends. I haven't really dug around other game models too much so maybe there are more than that as well. You do also have the ability to import whatever you want too, so its pretty easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Is there any on-screen indication as to the rendering process? I hit export to avi or mp4 and nothing seems to happen.


I see, exporting only seems to work when you have certain settings selected, to do with your timeline and the sequence length. It still lets you get to the export dialogue box though, even though you've done something that won't let you export.