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Hey duders! So i've been looking for a movie for a party i'm having next week but haven't seen anything on IMDB or so. I'm really in the mood for a great cult film. I have seen quite many good cult films, but would like one i have never seen before. 
Please duders!

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Demon Knight. 
Also if you haven't seen it, the super mega hyper classic Return of the Living Dead. If you're having a party then you don't even need to read the rest of the thread, this is your movie. 

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Honestly though, cult movie is a pretty nebulous concept. Do you have any examples of what you've seen? 
I mean, some would say that Evil Dead is a cult movie whilst other would frown their noses at the notion of that and say that Evil Ed is a real cult movie.

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Hot Fuzz. 
Oh shit spoilers...

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@FancySoapsMan said:
" Freaks "
DUDE NAH! 1932?
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El Topo's a great choice if you plan on doing a lot of drinking, etc. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067866/

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" @FancySoapsMan said:
" Freaks "
DUDE NAH! 1932? "
That's like the stoneage uguys 
Based on what little I know about you, I'm gonna say go with Dude Where's My Car.
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Army of Darkness! 
Army of Darkness!
 Army of Darkness!
Army of Darkness!
  Army of Darkness! 

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The Monster Squad - if you like the old Universal monsters like Dracula, Gil-man, etc. It's still a great movie if you haven't seen the old stuff but it's just that much better when you have. 
The Toxic Avenger - really over-the-top gore and humor. Not for the faint of heart. 
This is Spinal Tap - great if you like or dislike heavy metal. Brilliant satire.

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@TeflonBilly said:
" Coven, especially if you've seen American Movie "
I was going to recommend American Movie. I haven't watched Coven yet.
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I'll second Demon Knight. That movie is fantastic.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is the cult-est of movies. 

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Fifth Element

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So many good movies are mentioned here.  Can't really add a damn thing.   I will just add The Zodiac by David Fincher.  May not be what your looking for, but its so well crafted.  You can't miss with it.
God I love Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz!  Can't wait for the 3rd movie to the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy!

I just wanted to add, about Zodiac.  Assume you know nothing about the case and Just remember how David Fincher(director) loves to slip little things into his movies.  Like in Fight Club.  If you look at the movie really closely, you'll notice some really wild possibilities in how he uses Architecture, background colors with costume colors/personality changes and the fact that he makes everything as accurate to real life as possible.  He even went on his own investigation and talked with everyone evolved.... Then he used 4 different actors to play different parts of the Zodiac..... 
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The Warriors!

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A Clockwork Orange
THX 1138
The Big Lebowski
Harold and Maude
Pee Wee's Big Adventure  
Also Enter the Void is a pretty great, trippy film. Check it out.

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max keeble's big move     
My roommates and I used to have a rule in our apartment where if you saw that this movie was on you had to watch it no matter what. 
Oh yeah and you're wasting your life if you haven't seen Wet Hot American Summer

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@ninjakiller said:
" Gummo "
Yes! And show them Trash Humpers while you are at it.
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Fargo, bitcheez!

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Super Troopers

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Wild Zero

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duder just go watch Blade Runner...      

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Also maybe BASEketball to check out Matt Stone & Trey Parker become they become super uber famous.

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I second 'El Topo' .

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@GoofyGoober said:
" The Warriors 
Cannibal Holocaust "    
 @MooseyMcMan said:   
" The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is the cult-est of movies.  "
The Rocky Horror Picture show is quite good. Cannibal Holocaust is completely out of question.
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@ssj4raditz: Hell yes. Also 2nd that Eraserhead nod, throw in Elephant Man for good measure. And my personal fav Dark City.