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Okay so I'm thinking about purchasing this portable hard drive . For those of you who are too lazy to click the link, its a Seagate 320gb one, and its going for about £33 (which is pretty cheap, apparently), its system requirement imply that it only works with Windows PCs. Its going to be used for backing up all my music and a few important files.

The main problem is that I own a Mac and I don't know if it works with them. I've been told you can reformat certain hard drives, but I don't know how to do that or what that even means. Can somebody give me an idea on how to do that? Or can I not reformat this specific hard drive?

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I'm guessing that the Windows requirement stems from some Seagate-specific backup software that is only on Windows, or that the drive is (without formatting) incompatible with Mac OS features like Time Machine. You can buy it and it should work fine.

Formatting, in layman's terms just means completely clearing the drive and possibly changing the file system (way the drive organizes and structures files). You can use Disk Utility to format a hard drive.

From MacWorld:

Almost all USB or FireWire external hard drives are compatible with Time Machine, as long as the drive is HFS+ formatted. A drive specifically branded as one for the Mac is usually preformatted using HFS+. It's the drive isn't formatted for the Mac, you can format it using Disk Utility.

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I'm using the 1 TB version with my Mac right now.

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Cheers, this is good to know. I think I'll go ahead and purchase it then.

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Any and all hard-drives should be formattable. Think of it like a "Factory reset".