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There are a bag of them on the kitchen counter. They came from the free food store, but I don't know what they are. I suppose they might be a type of potato. I figure if somebody knows what they are called, I can look up a recipe for them. Thanks.

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Free food store?

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Yam maybe? idk
What is this free food store you speak of?

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Looks like a light sweet potato, but without a size reference it's hard to really know.

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@EVO: @Bigandtasty:

It's a store that people and companies donate food to. Food for free. Roommates got racks of ribs tonight too along with a bunch of other stuff.

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@DarknessMyOldFriend: That's a normal sized jar for canned goods next to it.

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I would too say sweet potato.

Cut it open and if it's bright orange and has the shape, feel and smell of a potato, then that's what it is.

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It looks like an abomination of a potato to me. Then again, I'm part Irish, so only the fullest, fattest potatoes are accepted by me.


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Not all sweet potatoes are orange inside.

White sweet potato seems most likely to me.

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Yam and or sweet potato and or where babies come from. take your pick.

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I'm thinking it's somebody's appendix.

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I suggest food ninjaing that thing before it wakes up and looks for an orifice to nest in.

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free food store? as in FREE FOOD?

where is this whimsical store located?

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Looks like a sweet potato to me. I bet it's real sweet. Tell you nice stories and stuff.

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Looks like a copy of Atlas Shrugged to me.

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@NathHaw: It's a yam, sir. Trust me; I've taken classes for this sort of thing.

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This free good store sounds mysterious to me

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There's a place I can get free sweet potato? I'm in.

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I believe he means a Food Bank when it comes to the "free food store." It's usually a charitable organization that gives food to families with difficulty purchasing food themselves.

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@Catarrhal: Thanks. I'll let everybody know and look up some way to cook it.

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@Brodehouse said:

Looks like a copy of Atlas Shrugged to me.

You know it does resemble Ayn Rand's face. XD