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..Thing on the interwebs?


For those who don't know, it's Matt Rorie's own tumblr/blog about the dogs he sees and pets.

I love the guys and the idea is cute...But the captions.."Mona was very shy! But she couldn’t shy away from my pets! I like ‘em when they can’t run!"

So is this the best site ever, or the creepiest? :P

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I would say one of the creepiest.

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didn't you already post this topic last night?

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Because people on the internet are always serious when they write, at all times.

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@Binbay55 said:

So is this the best site ever, or the creepiest? :P

Those two descriptors aren't mutually exclusive :P

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It's hilarious because it's creepy -- intentionally so.

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This site is hillarious.

George is a shop dog! The only shopping I did was to browse for the perfect spot to pet him! It was his belly!


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The descriptions for his adventures sound borderline pornographic.

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Uh oh! I’m no vet but I think Norman has a very advanced case of being a good boy!

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Haha, this is so great. And at the same time so disturbing and if you only saw the text I think it would be illegal in 9 out of 10 countries.

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I'm hoping he gets permission to properly pet these puppies from their owners.

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Nope. nothing wrong here.
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Oh Rorie. Adorable.

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Rorie is pretty hilarious, a strange man indeed.

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PPP is not the creepiest thing on the internet. Please look at 4Chan or deviantart