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I'm a new father, my first is now 4 months old. Any other dads on here? I'd be curious to see other who are going through some of the same changes in their lives as I am.

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Two kids, Boy who is about to be 4 and girl who just turned 2. By changes I assume you mean not sleeping, playing way less games and all of a sudden having no $?

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Yep... that sounds like beeing a father. My boy is turnng 2 today.
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Ones six and the other is nearly nine.

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Yep, two boys, 3 and 7 months.  The only video game I've played with my 3 yr old is mario cart sitting on my lap (he deploys the bananas, I steer). 
Otherwise gaming is pretty much confined to after bedtime.  Headphones was a necessary purchase as well.

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the having no money was not really sudden, it seems that whenever I go into a position to make more money, life lurches ahead to keep me at the same low level of actual cash (such as having a child just as I became a full time teacher...the net cash is about the same as when I was single and working at staples) 
it's the not being able to really take my time with shit. I'm the type of guy who likes to watch movies i the dark and undisturbed for the duration. That has not been viable since the kiddo came along, and for narrative driven games like Assassins creed 2 it can get maddening. Also, multi-player is pretty much out of the question for the next few years, as there is no way to pause xbox live when the kiddo starts to cry. 
Also, still getting the same amount of sleep. being a life long insomniac does have it's benefits. 
Good to see we have a contingency in the dad demographic on Giant bomb 
I am way excited about eventually introducing him to games. Any ideas on how to do that? Should I start him on the emulated classics that i had when i was a kid (C64, Atari 2600 etc) and ramp him up to the newer stuff so he has a sense of history? or just go all modern. Interesting predicament. 

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One boy, 19 months.