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I was diagnosed about 4 months ago with Hypothyroidism. I'm currently on 200 mcg of levothyroxine. I think this disease doesn't get the attention it deserves. I didn't know anything about it before I was diagnosed but the effects are awful. I won't list them here, but (depending on your severity) untreated it can have fatal consequences.

Anyways I just wanted to ask if anyone here has it, or knows anyone who has it, and any advice on how to deal with it, or what to expect. I'm no medical expert, but from speaking to medical practitioners and others who have it, 200 mcg is a relatively high dose.


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I have never heard of it.

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How old are you, and how long ago did you begin to see symptoms / think that something might be wrong?

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I am 21. It was really weird, as the symptoms gradually progressed and then sharply became serious? Wait, do you think there is something wrong with me, or do YOU think you may have it?

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I believe my friend has it. He was diagnosed at 17 years old and at about 18 he had some surgery for it. It was some sort of radioactive surgery thing I guess, I don't know for sure if it was hyperthyroidism though, but maybe that sounds like a familiar procedure? I distinctly remember him having thyroid specific issues and him telling me he was going to need radaway because of the surgery. I also know that he does take pills for it, not sure about the dosage though.

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I am pretty I was diagnosed with it in high school and I was given medication to treat it. Not sure if it was hypothyroidism or not, but it was some problem with my thyroid. Anyway, I stopped taking the medication because I never felt like I had the disease, and I have been fine ever since. I think it was just a missed diagnosis or something, but I stopped seeing that doctor.

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Was just wondering. Some people live their entire lives with symptoms that they don't realize are part of a bigger health issue.

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@Unilad: My wife has it - it took about 3 years for doctors to get her thyroid levels worked out. The biggest symptoms she's had are dry skin, occasional shakiness, and a slow metabolism. She's on Levoxyl as well - though for awhile they had her on Armour pills which are actually Pig thyroid hormones which were working well also.

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I do. I got it not long after Diabetes. They never told me it was a permanent thing.

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@ztiworoh: Yeah I was wondering about Armour. I live in London, and it seems less used than it is in the US. I never suffered dry skin, but I suffer from severe tiredness, mood swings, headaches, depression, poor circulation. The depression is the worst, because I'm perfectly happy with the state of my existence, but I feel so anxious and nervous, its horrible.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed to late that I have suffered some permanent eye problems.

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I was given tests for Hypothyroidism a few months back related to other medical issues, did a little research on it due to it being a possibility but not much. Thankfully wasn't the case for me. I already have juvenile chronic arthritis, hypermobility and raynaud's syndrome. That's enough for me thanks very much. :) 
Having these sorts of conditions sucks at any age, but they can be simply awful when your a kid or young adult. Wish good health for you my friend and wish you well.  

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(love the name btw) Yeah Thanks. I'm sorry to hear about your situation

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I've known I've had hypothyroidism about five years ago (age 25). I take Synthroid 112. My mom has it, and my older sister got paranoid last year and realized she has it too.

I don't have a ton of advice other than the obvious. It's not really on my mind a lot because I have Addison's disease, which is kinda worse.

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Armour pills sound rad.

Will they help me tank better?

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Runs in my family, and my wife's as well. The only advice I can give: get check-ups at least yearly. Both my mom and mother-in-law had really rough mood swings until finally they got checked out and the doctors upped their dosage. Almost instantly stabilized their moods.

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I have it (hypothyroidism) (and many members of my family / extended family), I just got diagnosed and checked out about 10 months ago (if that) and I'm 21. No idea how long I've actually had it.

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You should consult with your physician about those things. I have never heard of the disease before. According the webmd sites, you have take the medication for the rest of your life. You need to have regular check ups even if symptoms go away. I wish you the best of luck and you will get through this.

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@psylah: I was funnier when we realized that Armour was the same as the Armour Hot Dog and Lunch Meat company - they just use all parts of the pig apparently - including its thyroid. Also, the pills legitimately smell like pork/ham - it's really strange.

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Thanks, Yeah I'm aware that this is a chronic lifelong decision. It was funny actually. My housemate at University has it. When I was complaining on my symptoms (pre-diagnosis) he said that I should get myself checked for it. Good thing I listened to him!

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I know someone who has it.

I don't believe the dose is that high though. More like 80-120 i believe.

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You just blew my mind.

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I work in a pharmacy, and every other prescription we get is for levothyroxine. Seems to be very common.

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I have it, and take the levothyroxine as well, have had it for years. If I don't take my medication, weight management stalls out and I can't stay awake for shit.

Wife also has it, and a cousin of mine.

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I'm sure it's just the little hypochondriac on my shoulder talking, but after reading the list of symptoms I think I may have it too. I got just about everything on the list except for the birthing and period problems for obvious reasons.

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My grandmother and father both have it. It's genetic, right? I got a lot of my dad's genes. Wouldn't be surprised if I had it, but I'm not too concerned. I did get some blood work done a year or two ago and my doctor recommended I set up an appointment with someone to get it checked out because the levels were a little high, or a little low. I don't remember. I didn't, though.

I'd try to describe what he's been through, but he also suffers from chronic pancreatitis among other things. In summary, he's been on a shit-load of medications for years and years now. He's occasionally out of work or bed-ridden. I don't mean to make you nervous, as this is obviously an extreme case, and it is by no means limited to just hypothyroidism.

It's a manageable illness, really. Take the medication, watch yourself, and you will get on just fine, as I'm sure you know by now.

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My mom has it