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Let's get dangerous, amirite?

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i call your Darkwing Duck, and raise you Gargoyles 

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Darkwing Duck should be in the next Kingdom Hearts game.

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Darkwing Duck, Launchpad and Goslin

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Oh ya, i have the Darkwing Duck NES Game!  That was a great show along with Duck Tales, and Talespin.

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i raise u chip and dale rescue rangers!!  i miss the early 90's where shows actually meant something.

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I am the terror that flaps in the night!

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Cartoons peaked in the early 90s.  By the way I raise you all with Pinky and the Brain.  "What are we going to do today Brain?"  

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  What was that one on Nick "ahh little monsters" or something, had a little red goblin and a dude who had to hold his eyes in his hands
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Oh my god, I loved Darkwing Duck. Best show EVAR amirite?

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Hell yeah I do. That show was great!

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Never watched the show as a kid but would always let the theme play when it came on before changing the channel.

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@SteamPunkJin: Bucky O'Hare had an awesome NES tie-in game.
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Two words: NEGA DUCK

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still waiting for a DVD release of the show. and all the 80's and 90's Disney cartoons, im getting tired of torrents.

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Street Sharks, anyone?

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YES! Dude I was just talking about this. Creepy.  :P
@SumDeus said:

" Street Sharks, anyone?

Also, yeah! That one was outta control yo!
There were so so many retardedly awesome cartoons back in the day.
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@JJOR64:  The entire "Disney Afternoon" should be in the next Kingdom Hearts game.
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@Halberdierv2:  Good News Darkwing Duck is on dvd, also I loved that show and a lot more cartoons in the 90's anyone remember the short lived show Pirates of Dark Water that show rocked
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@Halberdierv2:  I give you
And 3 volumes of DuckTales.    
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I liked the Disney Afternoon line-up but those shows pale in comparison to my favorites as a kid. Batman the Animated Series, The Tick, Mighty Max, and Animaniacs.

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Boom Comics just recently announced they were making a 4 issue comic about Darkwing Duck.  Should be fun  and a great nostalgia trip...

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@lil_cheeks said:
" Duck Tales "
One of the best.  That five part series opener...man.
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The cartoon is a little hazy in my mind, but the NES game was incredible.

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"When there's trouble, you call D. W. DARKWING DUCK! Let's get dangerous." Damn, that was a great cartoon. My favourite villain was Dr. Reginald Bushroot. 

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When Disney didn't totally suck!!!!  Yea they had a big block of great cartoons.....  What about Bonkers, that was one of my favorite from that period.

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@Mariek430:  The show in question is "AHH! Real Monsters!" And yes, there was a secondary character who had to hold his eyes in his hand. And then there was Oblina; "I am wise beyond my ears."
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@JuMP said:
"   Anyone? "