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Got the 16oz smoky blue mug for myself for christmas. Love this thing, it is easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to drink and it keeps my coffee hot for hours. The first time I used it worked to well since it was too hot to drink for 2 hours. But I figured out the right temp that I like and how to get it so smooth sailing now. I feel like I won't leave house with out it, kinda pricy but again so worth it. Anyone else get one?

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Is this marijuana related?

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Got one last year and I use it every morning for my tea. It's a beautiful thing.

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I give one out every year. It works for anyone.

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Anyone that wants to buy me one of their rice cookers is welcome to.

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I've had a Zojirushi rice cooker since November. It's incredible.

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Got one for my dad last year (he's on the road every week) and he absolutely loves it. Having his coffee hot for the entirety of his 5+ hour drives is a real positive for him.