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GDC 2013 starts the end of March. Are you going? Would you want to? Do you need to get some of that sweet, sweet IGF and GDC Play or do you think it's all a wildly expensive, alienating, upper-industry fest?

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I've never been to any video game event of any kind. Although I've wanted to go to one (any one) for the past 25 years. Every one I miss is another crushing defeat. Just to see/be near real people who like video games would be awesome.

At this year's GDC, the Journey, Dishonored and Borderlands 2 talks all look like they'd be pretty cool.

So, no, I won't be going. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME, GOD.

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@reisz: Although I'm not exactly sure why it's so expensive, I know some of it is to keep not-so-serious "let me see some video games" people out. It is disappointing because some of the talks look great, but $1000 for the cheapest pass (pre-sale discount) is crazy. I am going, but I can only afford the cheapest pass which allows for the career pavilion which is my main reason for going.

If anyone else is going it would be great to meet up. The Game Developer Choice Awards and the Independent Game Festival are always fun.

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Just thought I'd check one last time since it's next week, no others going?

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Tickets to GDC are expensive because 90% of the money from ticket sales goes to sending Richard Garriott back to space.

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No because it's about 5000 KM from where i live but i would very much like to go if i was nearby.

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I was gonna, it was a lot of fun last year, but I got laid off. If anyone wants a tip, you can buy a student pass for less than a hundred dollars that will get you into the show on friday. This pass technically shouldn't let you into any of the panels, but the guards are bad about checking.