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So i'm sure most of us have been to at least one.  Personally i've been to about 4 that i can recall.  I'm sitting this one for Halo:Reach out partly because i'm feeling a little sick but mainly it's that i just haven't had good experiences going to these things.  Most of the past ones i've gone to i've ended up in completely silent lines, stood next to some douchebags that i can only want to talk about exercising, or little kids accompanied by parents who should be puttiing their kids in bed because it's a f'ing school night.  Then you hear stories of people getting mugged in the parking lots or just being harassed while waiting in line.   Has anyone had any good experiences at these things?  Does the fun only manifest toward the front of the line where the real gamers are?   

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I've had pretty good experiences in the few I've gone to, generally speaking. The Halo 2 midnight event (really, the first I can recall attending) had a neat sense of camaraderie about it, like we all knew we were about to experiences something we've never seen before. It was neat. Got to talking about experiences playing the first game, all sorts of stuff. 

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Yes. I went to witness the midnight launch for Mass Effect 2 for what people told me was the only ME2 midnight launch from EB in Canada and it was a great time hanging out and seeing people be happy coming out of the store with a game and some even with swag that various BioWare people were handing out in person. All in all a very controlled situation, though the mall guards attending the thing were baffled that people line up for videogames. There must've been about 200 people picking up a game that night.
EDIT: Additionally, I went to a mignight launch in the UK when I lived there for a 360 game, but I can't for the life of me remember what game it was. Could've been GTA4. That one went fine as well, though it was really cold out that night.

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I haven't been to any midnight launches. 
My mom went to the original DS launch for me on my behalf, though, and said it was fine. (I'm 20 mins from anything that sells games, and she was in town at 11:45 so I asked her to stop. She didn't may a special trip). 
I have no real desire to go to a midnight launch. I'd wake up the day it comes out all rested and play all day. 

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During the one for GTA IV, I had to talk to a wrestling fan for nearly two hours, and then later three guys who rolled up in cars saying "AYO, SAVE US A SPOT ON DA LINE, IGHT?" who I initially thought were going to shoot up/rob everyone there.

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I had a really good experience for the launch of Wrath of the Lich King.  The guy in front of me happened to play the same race, class, and spec (tauren, warrior, protection) and we talked about strategies, tanking, instances, and generally nerded it up for 30/40 minutes while we waited in line.

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GTA VI was pretty rockin, couple of ladies in tight clothes showed up and gave us red bull, I got high afterward with my friend and his girlfriend, was a good night.

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I worked at a Best Buy when the PS2 was released.  The night before I was closing, and when I left at around 9pm there was a line of 5 people waiting.  Me and a friend that also worked there walked straight from the building to the line.  So I'm wearing my BB uniform.   
As the night goes on the line gets close to 100 people or so.  We've been drinking.  And eating Taco Bell.  I was 18, and inexperienced in the ways of alcohol.  So, naturally, I am chugging beer bongs with the guy from loss prevention.  A few seconds later, I threw up right in front of the entrance to the store.  The line of people start to circle around me, and many of them start taking pictures.  So, me in my blue BB shirt and the LP guy in his yellow shirt, start posing for the cameras.  He's holding the funnel while I hold my fist in the air in triumph, puke all over my shirt. 
To top it all off, the managers come in early the next morning with donuts and coffee for the customers.  The first one on scene gets to the doors, and lets out a "WHAT THE FUCK!?" when he sees my puke everywhere.  Someone ratted me out, the manager said I would mop it up when I went back on shift later that day, and the day went on without event. 
I never cleaned the puke, and it baked in the sun and stained the concrete in front of the door for a good 3 or 4 months. And that's all I've got.

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I've only been to one, and the only good experience was getting the game really.

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Don't do the following:
  • Talk to anyone.
  • Look anyone in the eyes.
  • Leave your spot to take a piss / allow a stranger or friend to guard your spot.
  • Count your money or flash your wallet.
  • Scratch your balls (it's an inflammatory gesture).
  • Breathe down the back of the person in front of you.
  • Jiggle/Shuffle on the spot, it makes you look shifty.
  • Look at your mobile phone.
  • Talk to your friends/mom on said phone.
  • Appear enthusiastic, it makes you look weak.
If the following things happen to you: Someone makes eye contact, someone initiates a conversation, mugging attempt, rape/sexual harassment (a fondle of your bum counts), terrorist attack, fire, rain, snow, hail (especially dangerous and I advise taking sunglasses)  THEN:
Get DOWN on the floor and stay down whilst shouting for police backup. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT attempt to live as a normal citizen in polite, civilised society, that boat sank a long time ago.
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I had a really good experience pre-ordering Starcraft 2 at Best Buy. Only a few people pre-ordered while most were just there to buy the game. I pre-ordered the standard edition and asked for the limited edition and they let me have it. Also they let us in the store early while everyone else had to wait outside.

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@Tesla: dude i love this story 
good stories all, keep em coming.
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The only time I went to a midnight launch wasn't even for a game...I got the last Harry Potter book. It was an okay experience I guess.

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Reading these makes me realize the rest of this country is messed up in ways Washington state is not.

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@Helushune:  this comment makes you sound sheltered.  go live in a college town it will change your life.
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I made out with a chick at the launch for GTA4, it was alright. 
The other ones were just standard line and buy.

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It was more of a "The Pacific Northwest is friendly" comment.  I've lived in several states throughout the years.  Including Missoula, MT.  If that's not a college town, I'm not sure what is.
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Every midnight launch I've gone to has involved me running down to my local Walmart and within 5 minutes walking out with the game. As uneventful as possible, really.

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I went to a starcraft 2 launch and met some pretty cool guys. We all talked about blizzard games and stuff for a few hours. It was nice, compared to the usual launch event with a bunch of high school jackasses trying to act cool.

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I think the last one I went to was MW2...it was ok...but really crowded and not really worth it.  There must have been 500 people there

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I had my first tonight for Reach, turned up without a pre-order.  Waited about two minutes, bought the game and fucked off.  Fuck waiting in a queue for ages, man.

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I just sit in my car outside GameStop until the line dies down at 12:20 and stroll in casually.

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I went to one midnight launch and it was murder because I was still a smoker and couldn't smoke in line. :(

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I was only at Zelda64's and Halo 2's midnight launches and the Halo 2 one was fun because of the sheer number of people.

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@FourWude: i didn't ask if anyone's ever had a good time in prison. :)
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I've only been to one; Wrath of the Lich King expansion for WoW. It wasn't dreadful, but I just felt extremely out of place. I'm 28 and normally not the type of guy who "flash in the open" that I enjoy videogames, mostly because most of my friends doesn't. Anyway, I stand in this huge-ass line, being bored as hell because most of the people there were either dressed up or 15 years younger than me. 
Of course some douchebags were first in line, and as soon as they got their copies they slowly walk along the line half-talking-half-yelling to eachother stuff like "man, what fucking nerds play WoW anyway" etc. One of them even destroyed his newly bought copy in front of everyone in attempt of making some kind of point. One of the younger kids in the line stood there with (what I assumed) his dad who was fucking huge, and eventually while everyone were awkwardly trying to ignore the dudes the big dad just went up to one of them and slapped (rather hard I might add) him in the face and told them to leave. The line applaued, and I had my copy 20 minutes later without anything else remarkable happening, except a girl crying because she didn't get a collector's edition. Looking back at it now is kind of fun, I don't even play WoW anymore. :P
My first and probably only midnight launch!

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When I went to get my collectors edition of GTA 4 the EB Games was giving away extra gifts- just throw away stock they couldn't move like little pre-order flags, posters t-shirts and the like. I got an amazing pair of microphone/headphones for my PC as my free gift, and they were hands down the best set I have ever owned. I had them for about two years before the mic finally died in it and I have yet been able to find a good pair since. I tried looking for the old ones I had, but when I was given them they were not in box and they didn't have any logo or design on them so I couldn't search for them online.
That's about it.

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@YoctoYotta said:
" I just sit in my car outside GameStop until the line dies down at 12:20 and stroll in casually. "

did that for mw2.
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Every single midnight launch is a good experience, at least that's what she said.

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I went to a Halo 2 midnight launch and a Super Smash Bros Brawl midnight launch.  The Halo 2 one was pretty lame, just standing in line, but it was very organized.  I showed up at like 11:45 and was out by 12:15 and I was like, 2 dozen people behind the front of the line.  The Brawl one was really fun, it was a GameStop and there was free pizza, soda, and they had Rock Band setup for people to play.

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I did stand in line at midnight for WoW's BC.  A lot of people but it was inside a mall so there was room.  The store was very quick and I hit Taco Bell on the way back home.  Pretty good night. 
I don't think there is anything special about a midnight launch.  I rather it be zero BS and just a quick process.
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The experiences seem very barren. 

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I remember back when Wrath of the Lich King came out (the WoW expansion), I was impressed with how much chatter there was between strangers. People talking about what characters they played and what they planned to do when they got home with the game. I think WoW lends itself more to this sort of thing because it's such a big game that you can talk about it all day.

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I worked the midnight release for Halo Reach.  Customers sort of filtered in one at a time so I just fucked with them for a while, like making fun of a dude that had a Halo Reach app on his iphone counting down to the release.  That was fun.  

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I went to a Gamestop midnight release for Red Dead Redemption...to get Alan Wake. I was one of two people to get Alan Wake (the other guy was actually a Gamestop employee). 
I also have friends who work at another game store, and I went to the midnight releases for Halo 3 and the Wii. I mainly just went to hang out with friends and play the games early.

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Never been at a midnight launch.

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I was at the Halo: Reach event in New York City. http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/jayross/halo-reach-launch-party-in-times-square/30-61645/

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plenty of them 
Harry Potter Books 
Halo 3 
Lord of the rings 
..fuck I'm a dork

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Depends on the game. For smaller launches, like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age, it was pleasant. For Modern Warfare 2, the worst human beings alive were lined up; seriously foul people. I'm never going to do Call of Duty midnight launch again.
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The line-up for Halo: Reach was terrible. Everyone was smoking a cigarette, dogs were pissing all over the place. 
But I did get a free DVD of Halo: Legends, a shit ton of 2 day XBL cards (limit 1 my ass) and a Intec headset.

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The ones I have been to have been pretty quite, nothing too exciting. I only showed up about 20 minutes before midnight. Didn't go early for all the other nonsense they have for the few hours before.
Although the ME2 midnight launch was pretty funny, when the guy behind the counter yelled,  "Everyone that is here for ME2 go to the left counter! Everyone that is here for MAG or TvC go to the right counter!"
Two people go to the right, about 75 go to the left.  Followed by a, "Nevermind! Go to whichever one you want!".
I was one of the two people to go the right, because I was getting both ME2 and TvC, so I was one of the first to get out of there, lol.

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My first one was Brawl and The last I went to was Gears 2. They were both pretty fun and I;m plannig to go for Gears 3.

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@FourWude:  Haha. Man, I hate small talk, and talking to strangers.
I've never been to one of these. But if there will be for ME3, I'll be there.