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Okay, I made the group and it's all set. 
The Rules: 
Start with $100,000, no black-listed stock.   
Game Doesn't End 
You can just pick your stocks now, and never touch them again. 
I promise to make a short weekly post about some general stuff. 
I promise to make a quarterly report on more details about the simulation. 
Game Name - Giant Bomb Stock Group 
Password - duder  
You can remain completely anonymous or use your GB name, I will just state users on how they are doing and how the group does as a whole.  
Have fun, and good luck.  :)  
You can queue up your stocks now, and never have to worry again.  It's up to you guys as to how you want to do it, and I prefer to take this with hands off.  I want to see how everyone does.   Make your orders now and it'll automatically buy/sell whatever you want first thing on Monday. 
Side note - If you do this, you might end up gaining or losing depending how the day turns out.  Again, it is entirely up to you guys how you want to buy/sell.

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I don't even know anything about the stock market.

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@CowMuffins said:
" I don't even know anything about the stock market. "
That would make you perfect for this...if you do better than everyone else, it proves my professor's point.  
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@TheMustacheHero said:

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Only if we get wildly wealthy, then spend ourselves millions into debt, develop drug addictions and have to cover up the 'accidental' murder of a member of the group, only to be exposed years later by a hotshot rookie reporter trying to make a name for himself in the world of blog-based news.

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@KaosAngel: Are there any laws regarding buying stock?
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@CowMuffins: It's a simulation, so you can be as old as 6.  I can make a group just for GB users, and we're given about $1000 and then are free to spend it as we wish.
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I sell Saronite Ore on the Auction House, so I guess you could say I'm a professional.

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@Jeknod: Buy low, sell high...you know how it rolls.  :P 
You'll be fine. 
EDIT:  I can make a group right now but need a few people who are interested.
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I would love to do something like that, but I'm broke and never had the money to do so. Plus I wouldn't know the first thing about how to buy/sell and where to look for information about stuff.

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@crusader8463: ....it's FREE.  It's a simulation...doesn't cost you anything.
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@KaosAngel: So its like Fantasy Stocks?
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@Gav47: Yeah, I guess that works.  I don't do fantasy but I guess Simulations is the same thing...just fancier words for all the Business graduates.  >.>
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Just put all your money into Google. The way they keep bringing out crazy stuff and taking out Apple, you know the stock will go up.

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@KaosAngel: I'll give it a try, how long is the simulation?
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@Gav47: I can set the date to however, and I'll just leave it open for ever.  I'm thinking about doing a summary every week, and a report every quarter.   Plus, this helps with my graduate paper in Law School, as I need one thesis on business. 
I figure I set mine on the stock style of gamers, and how they rate compared to others. 
I need a list of people who are interested.  >.> 
The best part is, you can just set your stocks once and never touch it again.  I'm hoping everyone is different as it gives me more to write about.
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I made a project at school that talked about how Activision/Blizzard was the best investment way back in june 2009. My project proved to be the best one so my teacher bought stocks from them. And guess what, from that point activison/blizzard has just gone down. Now I'm going to study economics in my college, I hope I get a better sense of investment.

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@angelkanarias: Why not try it out in a simulation?
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How much money are we going to be using?

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I don't know/care about anything Stock Market related... sign me up.

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You thinking about investing in videogame companies specifically?

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Hmm, I know fuck all about stocks. This could be interesting. Is there some specific website that does all this?

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@CoverlessTech: I think it's set at $1000 to start, but I think I can change to something else.
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@Bionicicide said:
" You thinking about investing in videogame companies specifically? "
Anything, just pick whatever the hell you want...and if you never want to touch it again, feel free to do that.  :)
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I'd be in for this. Check in every month or so to see how bad I'm doing, could be good.

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Just remember: Don't put all your eggs in one basket

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The Group is called  
Giant Bomb Stock Group 
Password - duder 
Go go go!

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You can sign me up. But how does the simulation work? Is it a web-page or what?

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@angelkanarias: Stictly webpaged, just go to the site and join the group. 
You can't trade until tomorrow morning, so everyone has a fair chance today.  Plus, people are free to join as much as they want as it progresses (which I hope they do as it would help with the thesis).
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@TurboMan said:

" I don't know/care about anything Stock Market related... sign me up. "

What he said.
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I've only ever learnt stocks from watching Spice and Wolf. I don't know if I could cope.

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@Fallen189: You'll be fine, the market opens up at your afternoon so you could just pick random crap and let it set.  :)
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The game is here 

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@Gav47: Thank you!  Will change the post up front.  :)
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Ok I made an account and now I'm lost. What do I do from here?

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I'm in, probably.

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@the people talking about how they don't know anything about stocks:
You know about video games. Buy stocks in the video game industry. Go all Bobby Kotick on this thing.

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@Jeknod said:
" I sell Saronite Ore on the Auction House, so I guess you could say I'm a professional. "
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How do I invest in things? The tutorials are just theory on how to invest and what to look for. Is there no tutorial for just how to use the site itself?

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@crusader8463: You can't invest until Monday, and at 9 a.m. EST, the market isn't open.  
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@KaosAngel:  Yes, but I can que up my orders and what not now so that when the time comes for it to be open it will go through correct? Also, using this Yahoo site to get the symbols to buy from companies helped me. I found the one they have on the site didn't work to well as I couldn't get back any results when I searched for companies. You may want to add helpful sites like that to the OP for people to use.
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I'm gonna put everything into 3D technologies when the market opens again and watch the money roll in, suckas!

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Can anyone find the stock symbol for Cheetos? According to the official Cheetos site they are a brand owned by Frito-lays but I can't find them anywhere on the market.

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@crusader8463: The point is to let the community be themselves and see who ends up learning, who does a big buy and lets it set, and whatnot.  You're doing what I hoped some would do.   
I need this group to be mixed, and hopefully the results show.  :) 
@Allprox: Do it!  Just be yourself!
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@KaosAngel:  Got a quick question for you. Why are some companies listed with a dozen different symbols? Are they all different branches of the same company?
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I think we're all too young and dumb to start fiddling with stock markets; real or not.

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@crusader8463: Yeah, try to get the primary of the company.  It's mostly for companies who have international stocks, so focus on the primary US one, they tend to be more stable.