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I've recently been thinking about purchasing a new phone, and these two have looked the most fitting to me. I've been reading reviews and such, but it seems most people who write these user reviews are either trolls or people who bash the phone for not being one they use.

So if anyone here has either of these smartphones, how has been it treating you? Anything specific you like about it? Any negatives that really stand out?

Oh and, you're free to suggest better alternative than those two, but I might mention that there are few things to notice 1) LG and Blackberry phones aren't exactly the most available phones in my country 2) I dislike huge screensize. It's why I didn't look for Samsung S4 or similar phones for example.

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I wonder if you've read this one already. The make it seem alright.

And they don't have a ZR review yet.

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Well I only have the regular HTC One which has been my best phone so far (coming from someone who has stuck with iOS since the 4S and last phone being a Galaxy Nexus). The big differences other than size is that the Mini is running a slower dual core processor and the screen resolution is 720p. Everything else seems comparable to the regular version.

Now the resolution drop isn't a big deal, the smaller screen plus 720p won't really be that much of a downgrade, the weaker processor is another story because you're going to lock yourself in on a contract with a phone that already has weaker hardware and will only age that much faster over the course of your new contract (unless you buy unsubsidized).

I suggest you try the regular phone in a store somewhere to be absolutely sure you don't like the larger screen size because it isn't as big as the S4 and personally I can't go back from 1080p and the processor in this thing has been the perfect sweet spot for running Android with little to no hitches/glitches that I would run into a lot more on my old Galaxy Nexus. Unless that screen size is a serious deal breaker for you, I suggest the regular because you could probably find them for the same price as the Mini on contract.

EDIT: Oh and the Mini has 16 gigs of storage versus the regular's 32

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If you get the HTC and ever call tech support you might get to talk to me! As long as it's Thursday, Friday, or Saturday 9am-6pm and I'm not on my break. Take that as a pro or con as you will.

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I wish my carrier had the ZR, I ended up getting a S4 a few months ago, it's a great phone, but I agree it's just a little bit too big.

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I've been thinking about getting an HTC One. How's the battery life on it?