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Well my friend and I are looking into creating a Minecraft server. He wants a forum for the server, since he expects it's going to be big. Anyways I'm just looking for a free web hosting site or something along the lines of that, so I can create a forum. Any help is appreciated.

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Go Daddy.

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@Jrinswand said:

Go Daddy.

Please don't. Not after the whole SOPA bullshit.

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Go Daddy.

Never use them.

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I used to use Freewebs before I took a web design course. Not an amazing site by any means but you can add forums, though it is damn near impossible to get a community flowing.

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or you could go down the WordPress route and then buy the URL through them.

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Go Daddy.

*blows raspberry*

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For the record, I don't even know what Go Daddy is. I just know the Giant Bomb crew can't ever seem to stop talking about them.

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uh... invision free?

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Really? No one else has posted it yet?

Seriously though, bad ads aside I've heard Go Daddy isn't that bad.

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Depends on how serious you are. If you are trying to make a serious website, I would recommend any of the below options--

ASP.NET- This is my personal favorite. The only downside is it is from Microsoft, so it requires a Windows server to host it.

Django - Giant Bomb was built on this web framework, so you are familiar with what it is capable of. It does sadden me that they are moving away from Django, as I believe it is the web framework with the brightest future.

Ruby on Rails - Even though I don't care much for it, you cannot argue with popularity. Twitter is one of the largest websites on this framework.

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geocities ... wait what? No longer around ... man I must be old now :(

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Hop on that hot Geocities train, seats are filling up fast!

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I'm gonna be the first to rep Lycos, yo.