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I picked up Egoraptor and Ninja Sex Party's new parody album on Spotify. Apparently they're forming a band and will make more albums. It's pretty rad!...although there's a few too many dick jokes.

Here's the first animated music video from the album if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

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That was actually pretty great! Just enough dick jokes I would say lol.

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I didn't mind what I've heard so far. I've always thought that Danny has a great voice. I am hoping to listen to the whole thing soon.

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Awwwwwh yeah. Toad for the win.

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Crasher-Vania is easily the best song on the album. Overall it's good, not great. I could have done without the Kirby and Animal Crossing songs though.

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It's often sophmoric to a fault, but I'm enjoying it. Mostly digging the vocals and production.

If you aren't really into video games, (some of the refrences are obscure), or not a fan of the grumps, you probably won't get it though.

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After watching the Luigi Ballad, I think I'd enjoy the album more if Egoraptor did an animation for each song, though I thought Book of Nook was pretty good.