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Right now is a huge thunderstorm happening. I am currently sItting in a car, since my mom is afraid that the big tree by our house would fall. Anyone else seeing this? Edit: Washigton state near Yakima.

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Which Washington? DC or State?

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Whoops. State.

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We need to change the names of one of those states... I know near impossible. But it gets confusing sometimes... also... please tell me it isn't going towards Montana... PLEASE!

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I just flew out of Seattle and saw no sign of any such thing. Whatever is up there, I'm in sunny southern Cali now =)

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I live in Spokane. It's uncomfortably warm here. I'd love for a thunder storm to start.

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Actually I don't think it's going to Montana. Since it not even at Spokane. Which is a nearby city. It must only be in the Yakima area.

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Get inside dude.

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I'm in Olympia, weather is fine. Where is this happening?

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Oh and also I am now inside. The wind slowed down.

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I heard the weather alert I'm well out of range though Vancouver wa here

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I live in St. Louis but I feel your pain, there is a huge ass thunderstorm here right now.

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Nope, just you man.

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I'm in Bremerton. No thunderstorm but it is getting hotter everyday.

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You're east of the mountains, I'm not surprised. Sorry you have to be so close to Spokaneistan.

I live in Redmond and it's really nice outside right now. Warm but with a cool night breeze.

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@Jay444111: Should have been named Columbia, which if I remember correctly was one of the other names thrown out there.

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I am in Wilbur, and it just got here. Pretty crazy lightning going on. Looks to be just a lighting storm. Not getting any rain. Just a lot of, and I mean a lot, of lightning and loud ass thunder.

I think I am going to turn my PC off just in case. And go sit outside with a few beers.

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I'm in Seattle and I'll be pissed if I have to unplug my computer in a while.

To avoid further confusion, I propose that the state heretofore referred to as Washington be renamed Greater Seattle.

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Well, that was over pretty fast. Its booking North West pretty quickly. Its already passed over us. I can still see it in the distance. But it was only over us for about 10-12 minutes.

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The thunderstorm is now over where I'm at. Time to get to sleep

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@SexyToad said:

The thunderstorm is now over where I'm at. Time to get to sleep

I'm assuming the tree didn't, in-fact, fall on your house?

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I can honestly report that the storm happening in Wayington did not, in fact, hit Sydney, Australia.

It is cloudy, however, and cold.

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@Tim_the_Corsair Washington too; thanks autocorrect!
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no, but the 4th of july there was a huge thunderstorm where i live. it was the kind of storm where it was a few miles away but could see it. it was pretty cool. i was driving home from work when that happened. it was my fireworks that i got to see.

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Vancouver , Wa here

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I live in Dallas though. It is now about 3AM, so i'm about to get some sleep.

Here in Dallas we almost have no trouble with thunderstorms, rain or anything alike. It's almost hot as the devil's asshole summer round.

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Yeah I was on I-5 in Seattle tonight when I saw a huge thunderstorm in the distance. We don't really get too many of those around here.

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I can live wherever you want me to.

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Yeah heard those late last night while watching a movie, initially thought it was an airplane but it kept on continuing. Kind of surprising, considering the great weather we've been having. Wonder if it will rain today?