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#51 Posted by Wolfgame (1011 posts) -

This topic is still going strong, which is fine I think this is probably one of the better movies in theaters at the moment.

Anyone know if they were pronouncing Jaegers correctly? Isn't that a german word, so it should have a rolling h sound if I am not mistaken. They pronounced it with a strong A as in Jay, which just seemed weird to me.

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I loved it immensely. Guillermo Del Toro is really a visual director and it shows big time in this one. It was super fun and entertaining, I didn't think it was taking itself too seriously, it knew when to have fun and when to play it straight but I always felt like everyone was in on the joke. Maybe it's just because I know how Del Toro is. It also has the best CGI I've seen since District 9, everything had weight and moved believably, the Kaiju and Jaegers felt like they could do some serious damage. Great flick.

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@wolfgame: I believe their pronunciation of Jaeger is correct. Granted, I'm basically this largely off their use of it in Attack on Titan.

Anyway, just saw it and I enjoyed it. It was pretty much exactly what I expected with slower fight scenes(but still kinda fucking awesome). Sure, the plot, dialogue, characters, were weak, but of course they were. Did anything think they wouldn't be? I went to this movie for big things punching other big things, I was not disappointed. And holy shit that sense of scale. A lot of things, when giant stuff is involved, just ends up feeling like it would be exactly the same if the things were 5 feet tall(excluding incidental destruction), but the Jagers and the Kaiju really felt their size in this movie.

#54 Posted by Raven10 (2079 posts) -

Saw it in 3D D-Box and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Afterwards, though, I thought about it for about five seconds and the whole premise just fell apart for me. Before anyone judges me, I really enjoyed it but that doesn't make the massive plot holes acceptable. Basically I started thinking about how the Marshall said that there were 30 mechs at each base at the height. And there was one monster coming at a time. Yet they only would send one mech against each monster? Why not send like 10 mechs against each? That would pretty much solve their problem. Also, why would the aliens send only one monster at a time? I feel like this was a battle of idiots. Two armies who insist on 1 v 1 battles? Really? This is the strategy of the greatest military minds of the world?

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It was so much fun. The scale of the monsters (especially from the street perspective) was breathtaking. Charlie Day was great. Did anyone else notice Ron Pearlman's gold teeth were causing him to literally spit some of his lines out, thought that was pretty funny. After Man of Steel, I felt like this was the more lighthearted summer movie I was craving.

#57 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

@onekillwonder_: I like fun ... but there was a huge ample of stuff that could´ve made this a meattier film , there was absolutely no nessecity for all that friggin Hollywood clichemania fest that I just saw :/

#58 Posted by Trav (244 posts) -

Everything happening outside of the fight scenes was terrible.

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Yes, I saw it earlier today and thought it was really, really good...

...but there are some good criticisms that can be leveled against it. Its source material is quite obviously the Humongous Mecha genre of anime, along with Godzilla, and it's definitely missing the characterization that the long running times of anime allow for. I also thought that the final "battle" was vastly underwhelming. The Hong Kong fight fulfilled everything that I went to see the movie for (i.e. fucking fun to watch), but there was very little fighting at the end. The main character's Gundam... uh, Jager got messed up almost immediately and the other one blew its lo... nuke right then to "give the other one a chance." And then they jumped threw the portal, escaped, set the Jager to go kablooey, obligatory "gotta do it manually" sequence, and then done.

They built up that "Category 5" Kaiju to be something particularly tough and it didn't do much. Sure, it survived a nuke, but it should have been a better fight.

But did I enjoy it overall? Yes, I very much did. I went there to see giant robots and giant monsters beat the shit out of each other and that's exactly what I got. Still, I can't help but feel like this sort of thing needs a TV runtime with a Hollywood budget.

#60 Posted by ItBeStefYo (1096 posts) -

It's a childhood fantasy come to life, so good. I could feel myself almost moving to copy the robot's actions

#61 Posted by Mogoping (109 posts) -

It was dumb and just fun. I grew up watching old Godzilla movies so it was great seeing giant monsters fighting giant robots!

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I really, really appreciate that in the heat of combat when shit's going kinda bad, Mako just starts speaking in Japanese.

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I just got back from watching the movie and oh boy! It was super dumb in the absolute best possible way! It was everything my 13 year old self ever dreamed. By no means did it have the most complex or interesting characters and the story pretty subdued in scope, but the spectacle alone was enjoyable enough. I really hope we see something like this again, but if we don't at least we got this.

#64 Posted by SunBroZak (1869 posts) -

The film didn't wow me like it has others, but I'd watch it again for the great action scenes.