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Alright, so I've combed over the episode of Archer that was supposed to have a Whiskey Media something in it. The tweet said to look at the file room scenes. Here's the best I could find:

Where I've circled in red at the top there. Best I can see, it says, "RD-JG-VC" which would of course stand for Ryan Davis, Jeff Gerstmann, and Vinny Caravella! I feel conspiratorial with how deep you have to go to get that reference, maybe I'm missing something way more obvious. That's what I have thus far though. Anyone else see anything?

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Man, I never would have seen that.

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If true, that's pretty cool. But it's a but of a stretch.

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I can't see those letters at all. There had to be something more.

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I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that one of Archer's artists is a Whiskey Media fan. Though, I have no clue how I know this. I may just be pulling it out of my ass.

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@Barrock: Rats! That's gotta be it. At least it's all in the same frame so it's possible mine's true too.

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You were totally spot on. I'm really impressed too, since those are really hard to make out on the screen!