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I'd say yes, but i'm yet to find someone who agrees.

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they are considering that Vegetables is a general term for any plant that produces food.
specifically potatoes are a root

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I think so.

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That's what i would say, but a bunch of people claim it's a Carbohydrate.

I'm just really wanting to claim that chips/fries are in some way healthy

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They're tubers, and tubers aren't neccesarily vegetables

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Potatoes are vegetables. Tomatoes though, are another story.

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Yes they are.... it wouldn't make sense in any other category. >_>

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I consider potatoes to be a starch.  Tomatoes are vegetables in my opinion, since they are used in the same way traditional vegetables are.  Potatoes are not.

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Well they're tubers. But I'd be willing to consider them vegetables.

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Well, it is a root vegetable.

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I consider them vegetables

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potatoes are vegetables
Tomatoes are fruits
Pumpkins are fruits

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My first reaction would be to call it a starch, but really, if carrots are a vegtable, then so are potatoes.

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I'd say so.

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You cannot call a potato a starch or a carbohydrate, because those are in it as well as other molecules that make up the vegetable. I honestly don't understand why people call it those...

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Even though they might technically be vegetables, I don't treat them like they are. Because I like potatoes.

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there a starch according to the head chef at my workplace.