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I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, and If i haven't slept in a long time you can forget about trying to wake me...well, unless you utilize cold water, you facist bastard! My mom forbids me to sleep during the day, because then i start a cycle where I'm up at nights and sleep during the day. Which shouldn't be a problem during summer break, but I guess it is. She's even used cold water to wake me, not a pleasant experience.

So just how much of a heavy or light sleeper are you? Maybe even add the story of your worst waking-up.

And here's some info on why some of us are difficult to wake up and others are easy.

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Very heavy. Slept through a hurricane, where my front door got opened and it blew the attic door to pieces which is directly above my bed, I woke up with half an attic door on me and a bunch of white pieces everywhere.

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@CL60: I'll assume that's true since I'm really bad at detecting sarcasm on the net. Also that's pretty hardcore brother.

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@CL60: I'll assume that's true since I'm really bad at detecting sarcasm on the net. Also that's pretty hardcore brother.

Yes it's true. Somebody opened the door for some reason. No idea why.
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It's pretty difficult. I usually have to set 2-3 alarms on my phone before I wake up. I can think of several occasions where my body has pretty much turned off all of my phones alarms while my mind was pretty much still asleep.

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D, except I am afraid of the dark.

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I'm kind of weird. Sounds that I know are supposed to wake me up, like an alarm or something, wake me up on the spot but I pretty much sleep through everything else.

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I have a terrible time getting to sleep, for no other reason I can explain except my brain doesn't want to shut off when I decide to lay down. So in that way I guess I'm a light sleeper? I also spend a lot of nights just not sleeping, mainly over summer break when I'm not doing much anyway. But man oh man, when I fall asleep I am out cold until I wake up on my own. Alarms don't work for me at all as I seem to be able to turn them off in my sleep and lay back down just fine without ever knowing.

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I am a very heavy sleeper.

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It seems I can only get 4 hours of sleep at a time. Due to my love of sports teams in the west and my location in the east I'm often up till 2 or 3. One of my cats will want in or out between 4:30 and 6:30 and they will always wake me up. Even in my room with headphones on I can hear the cats at the back door. So usually I get 4 or 5 hours sleep, let the cat in/out, go back to bed and wake up 2 hours later to start the day. Sometimes I can get another 2 hours after that first 2 hours if I really need it and have nothing going on in the morning.

It's not sounds that wake me up anymore though. My body is just trained to wake up in this pattern.

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It depends.

Somebody entering my room will wake me up, guaranteed.

But my alarm, or shit going on outside will not wake me up.

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F mostly, but when I do sleep its C.
Totally depends on how tired I am, if I'm beat I can sleep through multiple alarms, otherwise I'm up fairly quick.
The good thing is I can just fall back to sleep easily as well, so doesn't matter much to me.

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I'm not sure. The oddest things will wake me up. Other peoples alarms going off in other rooms wake me better than my own alarm, for instance (I slept through mine for a bit today). A woodpecker pecking at the wall in my room used to wake me up.

One time I remember waking up for no apparent reason at all, then I heard my mother ask my father a question about why water was leaking through the ceiling into the downstairs bathroom, followed by a loud crash and a scream. I then went back to sleep. I'll wake up when I know my niece and nephew are trying to sneak up to wake me, even though they don't make much noise at all when doing so.

But normally I'll sleep through most things. I like to think I have really good sleep awareness, meaning some part of my mind knows what's happening around me when I'm sleeping and wakes me up when something relevant or interesting is happening, but usually let's me just keep sleeping through stuff that doesn't affect me. There's probably no such thing, though, and I'm just crazy.

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When I do fall asleep, I'm out cold.

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Lately, I have been turning off my alarm without waking up and can't remember it. Good thing there's a second one a bit later, or I would sleep until noon.

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Very heavy. I slept through a fire alarm when I used to live in Canada, thankfully, it was a false alarm.

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Heavy, if a burglar breaks in my apartment I probably will be dead.

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Light as shit, and I barely get any sleep anyway.

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I've become a fairly heavy sleeper... but I haven't always been one. I don't get very much sleep these days, no where near the 8 hours a night I should be getting. I have classes everyday, and work overnight (8 PM - 3 AM) four times a week so maybe it's just exhaustion.

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E. It really doesn't take much to wake me up.

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Very light.

I assume it's mostly due to the anxiety issues I gots.

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extremely light when trying to go to sleep. fairly light when sleeping but i don't have too much trouble going back to sleep if woken up.

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I sometimes think I'm more aware of what's going on around me when I'm asleep than when I'm awake.

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Very heavy sleeper, it's summer vacation for me so my sleeping pattern is all sorts of messed up but when I do get to sleep(usually around 3 or 4 in the morning) I can easily be out for 12 hours and not wake up once.

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Voted C because I have kinda crazy insomnia, where I just can't relax, but then when I do fall asleep, it's fairly heavy. So I figured I'd split the difference.

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I usually set alarm on my clock, cell phone and tv to ring at the same time. Somehow, i still oversleep half of the time, it has even woken up my neighbour at a couple of occasions, so i guess im a pretty heavy sleeper

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I am a fairly light sleeper but I can fall asleep even when there are sounds all around. However, when I am in a sleep state, medium to loud sounds will wake me up 9 times out of 10. The thing with me is that if I am woken up, I get back to sleep fairly easily so I dont really remember all the times I wake up through the night.

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i'm a pretty light sleeper. i don't really sleep. i wake up in the middle of the night sometimes.

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Sleep? What's that?

When I am taking ambien for my chronic insomnia, and when it actually works, I sleep like the dead.

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I have insomnia but when I do get to sleep, I'm a pretty heavy sleeper.

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A. for me when I go to bed too late.

C. for a regular night of sleep.

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A very light sleeper, which I guess translates to apple pie.

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I'd describe myself as a violent sleeper. I have a terrible time sleeping and have heard that I yell and sound like I'm fighting an epic war against my mattress and pillows. I don't remember the dreams that cause this. I don't remember many of my dreams; but I often wake up with scratches that look like I had a fun time with Cat Woman. That's when I'm asleep. When I'm not...i just lay there all night. Never know when I fall asleep...but I guess I'd get an average of 4 or 5 hours a night on a good day.

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i have extremely inconsistent sleep patterns and habits. sometimes i cant sleep for days at a time, other times ill sleep for 15 hours and nothing can wake me up, sometimes ill wake up at every little thing. its pretty terrible, especially due to the inconsistency of it, its not really advisable for me to get any drugs for it. sucks bro.

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I'm an E.

I was watching a show once on Navy SEALS, when they were going through training. These guys had been training for like 72 hours straight, and they were finally allowed to sleep for a few hours. A few of them would wake up every 30-45 minutes and just look around for few minutes. The Instructors called it a "Combative Sleep State", or something similar. Those guys brains were just making them wake up and make sure everything was O.K..

That's basically how I sleep. Can't go for more than an hour or 2 without waking up and making sure everything's fine. Guess I'm just paranoid, lol.

#38 Posted by Deusoma (3032 posts) -

I once literally slept through a minor earthquake. I was deeply amused by this.

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pretty heavy. Loud ass thunder could wake me up sometimes. I slept through Ike here in Houston years ago.. I was actually tired as fuck helping my parents getting their townhome ready for it and making sure we had food and clean water.

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I am the fucking heaviest sleeper. Say whatever you have to say to me before I pass out or else you'll have to wait eight hours.

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Light sleeper all the way.

#42 Posted by Stete (748 posts) -

Im so goddamn light that I can rarely sleep without earplugs.

#43 Posted by Jimbo (10000 posts) -

Got a pistol under my pillow.

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I can sleep through almost anything until I've had enough sleep, then I wake up at nothing. The second part of that can be annoying when I have the free time to sleep in, but that's kind of a first world problem, so whatever.

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Alarms will wake me up, also my body has an awesome internal clock, I don't oversleep for shit, but I will sleep through literally anything else.

#46 Posted by Subjugation (4741 posts) -

I'm a real light sleeper. Unless I'm positively exhausted, I wake up every time someone enters my room, and my door is silent. I can detect the change in air pressure. Dead serious.

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C, but I get woken up by my own dreams. Sometime I dream someone calls from dowmstairs to wake me up (they didn't), or the front door bell rings. Strangely it's the door bell from 10 years ago where I used to live and sounds nothing like the current door bell or my phone alarm. It usually happens about 5 minutes before I'm due to wake up, especially if my phone's alarm is set.

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I'm a heavy sleeper but if you wake me up with light or noise be prepared to hear every cuss, slur, and verbal atrocity thrown at you in an incoherent, angry manner.

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I'm a pretty heavy sleeper once I go to sleep, though it takes probably 30 min to an hour for that to happen.

#50 Posted by Arker101 (1472 posts) -

I can sleep through a thunderstorm, but I always wake up the minute someone enters my bedroom. I don't know why.