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I've bought hundreds of games from Steam sales, I must be good at saving money!

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Saving money as in getting good deals, putting actually away or both?

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Not really. Should work on that

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@Oscar__Explosion: I mean like saving money for important things like a car or a house or the future.

I mean the kind of saving that involves you not going and buying the new game that just came out because you have loads of games you already have that you haven't played yet.

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Well when I had a job I was really good about putting a portion of my pay directly into my savings for anything. Good thing I did that because I've been living off it since I moved back to California. Now that I'm finally working again I'll be going back to putting a portions of pay into savings.

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Granted I don't make much to begin with I do a fairly good job at putting away every little cent I can. I do -all- my movie and game shopping from resale shops and I don't really buy a whole lot else. My fiance is the one with the good job, making the good money and she's -very- good at saving her cash so saving it isn't too bad when you live within your means and know what's "necessary" and what isn't for the most part.

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Nah, I mostly fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to money. I can afford to though, because my condo fees and utilities are less than $300/mo, which is about the biggest expense I have. I may have to get better about it though, because I recently transitioned from employee to contractor. So instead of getting checks for a few hundred dollars every week, I got a big check last month and I'll get another big check for the same amount when I'm done with the project I'm working on. And since I don't know how long the project will take (or even really how much I'm spending) I'm banking on the fact that I don't really buy all that much extraneous crap to get me through the next few months.

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I'm horrible with money. When I get payed I usually blow it all on my friends or my family by treating them non-stop. It's not like i'm just buying a bunch of shit for myself so I don't mind.

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Yes, but I picked no. There's very little I really want in life so I have spent the last 6-7 months just buying all the stuff I kept putting off. I'm at the point now where outside of a couple things I can never afford I got pretty much everything I want in a material sense. So in a few months once I got it all paid off I will have nothing to spend my money on and can keep a ton to save. So in the long run I feel like I'm setting myself up to save, but I picked no because as of today I'm spending every pay check to pay off debt and it will be that way for a few months more. Once that's over however I'm in the clear.

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If video games didn't exist I'd be a pro

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I'm pretty good at gambling mine away

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Yes. I'm surprisingly good at saving despite buying so much dumb stuff.

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Fucking terrible at it.

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Not at all. Even if I have like $5, I will blow it on Genesis sports games to just play something new and different.

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I'm not so great about saving money, but someone ought to give me an honorary PhD for how well I spend it. Thankfully my wife is far more fiscally responsible that I am. It's a good pairing.

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Sometimes I save up for mutas, but normally I keep my money pretty low.

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I don't get out much, so yeah.

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I was when I had a job. Not so much lately. A gambling habit is not so good for one's savings account when there's no money coming in to support it.

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@CaLe said:

I don't get out much, so yeah.

This although I do find I buy a bunch of piddly little crap during the course of the week which I probably don't need like snacks and desserts. Food shopping when you're hungry is a big mistake, but after work is the time I usually stop at the grocery, so...doughnuts on sale? Mmm, forbidden doughnut.

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Hell no, I'm trying to save up for a new Dodge Charger R/T, but then I always go and blow away the money on random shit. The past month I bought five guns and a bunch of games I'll never have time to play.

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Helll naaaawwwww.

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I excel at it.

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@pyromagnestir said:
I was when I had a job. Not so much lately. A gambling habit is not so good for one's savings account when there's no money coming in to support it.
What do you gamble on? Cards? Sports?
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I'm working on it but currently not really.... I bring home a lot every week but it's pretty much always gone because I just buy everything I want. I should probably change that soon though.

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It's less "I'm good at saving money" and more "I know when I need to stop spending in order to pay for whatever I need to pay for this month".

Which isn't great but it's a step above a whole lot of people.

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What's this "money" thing of which you speak?

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I have disposable income for the first time in my life and I haven't really tried saving money yet in the past year. Im avoiding buying a car because I don't want all my money to go to gas and insurance and I don't intend to move out of my parent's house until I have my degree so there hasn't really been any need... this is probably a skill I should test, but I can't imagine I'd be very good at saving money for nothing in particular.

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I have a savings that I've been keeping up on for the last five years or so. Makes me feel good knowing I've got a net to fall on

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Yeah. Sadly.

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I just spent thirty bucks on pizza for myself... what do you think?

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Yup. I'm one miserable, miserly fuck. I'm conflicted when I need to spend a buck on toothpaste.

On the plus side, I'll never be in debt.

On the negative, I spend a lot of time looking at stuff I want to buy without actually ever buying it. I don't have very much fun.

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Yes, but once my savings account gets over a certain arbitrary number I have set myself, I tend to spend more. So it sort of hovers right around that number all the time. The number would only change if I were to receive a substantial pay raise or once I finally pay off my goddamn student loans.

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I most likely have to much money in my savings account. (At least that's what my bank keeps telling me) Doesn't mean I don't buy anything silly like a Sega Saturn that I recently purchased but I always make more money than I spend.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Yeah. Sadly.


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Nope. Terrible.

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I'm really good at saving money, but really bad at paying people back.

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I used to be, now I'm pretty bad...

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Nah. My paycheck is pretty much gone the day after I get it. Granted, a large part of it goes to bills and food and household items, but enough of it goes to non-essentials that I'd say no.

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No, but money dosen't go with yea when you die and who knows when that might happen so i might as well use this shit while i can.

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It took me 4 years to save up enough money to put a down payment on a house, so I'm going to say yes.

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yeah, pretty good at it.

  • craig's list
  • sometimes ebay
  • avoid loans like the black death
  • car and bike repair work when I can

But the biggest lesson it took me a while to catch on to:

less shit owned = less hassle = more video game time & money

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I didn't vote because I would have to make some money in order to know if I would save it or not. That being said, I am committed to being fiscally responsible once I get a job after college.

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I'd like to say yes but I spend far too much money on video games and movies.

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I'm putting a large amount of each paycheck into my 401k, and I try not to live above my means. If a game comes out and I think I'll enjoy it then I will buy it, but besides games and food I don't spend money on much. I'll get things for friends/family from time to time as well.

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Only when Steam isn't having a sale. Unfortunately, Steam is always having a sale.

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Yes and no. It depends on how much I want something.

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@pyromagnestir said:

@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Yeah. Sadly.


I wish I wasn't so aware of my money at times. Extra worries and all that.