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i'm not an ipod. i don't use MP3 players, i still use CD's to listen to music.

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Sansa Fuse 8gb is the best thing that ever happened to me... I have a sad life. 

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I have an iPod Nano, I like it a lot.

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@Jasonofindy said:
" @Aus_azn said:
" My contract with ATT is up on the 31st and thanks to corporate, I'm stuck with them.  "
 While it always sucks to get stuck with a particular service by your corporate overlords, if "corporate" in your case is a nationwide company AT & T is sadly the best choice.  Verizon is really the only competitor that even comes close to matching AT&T's full national voice coverage much less data.  My understanding is that AT& T can be crappy in parts of NYC and San Francisco (and I'm sure other locations as well as every provider has weak spots).  I've been with Verizon for almost 2 years, and I can't wait for my contract to be up to switch back to AT & T.  I had Cingular (now AT&T) for 6 years and never should have switched. "
I'm stuck with them thanks to an international corporation, who needs the multinational support, especially in England where VZW dies. 
What irks me is ATT's relationship with Apple, and their reluctance to launch any phone that comes near in spec to iPhone. I've been looking at high-end Android devices for a while, and ATT's lack of them ticks me off.
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I ended up getting a Sansa Fuze, I really enjoy music quality and most audiophiles point to the Fuze for having the best audio for a portable player (flac support too).

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I take my iPod with me everywhere I go.

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Zune HD.  That along with Zune Pass is the best deal in music.  Besides my Zune HD is indestructible.  I went swimming with it one time with it in my pocket not for like a few minutes or anything but around an hour and I got out of the water and realized what I did and was devastated but I figured I would just go buy a new over the weekend.  So I set it out on my desk and it sat their for a few days and I just decided to give it one last shot before I went and bought and new and to my surprise it turned right on and worked perfectly.  Like I never even got it wet.  I was shocked to say the least.  The only thing I've noticed over the last 2 months since I've gotten it wet was every now and then the screen will dim and then return to original brightness really fast and that's pretty much it. 
Now if only Microsoft had built the Xbox with the same craftsmanship....

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ipod. have been since they came out. had a zune at one point and it just wasnt..... good

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80 gig iPod classic.  Have had it for four years or so and it's still going strong. 

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I have a ZUNE. 120gb ( non GoW version) and I love it. Plays movies crisp on a better screen than the ipod ( screen is a tad small) plus I like the smart pad. It's simple looking and straight forward menus. Also love the fact you can put your own desktop photo for the backround. I'm not sure if you can on the iPod, I havent fiddled around with my wifes player. 
I don't own a ZUNE pass because I live in canada, and theres some problems with region connection, but it's a great Idea. Plus the ZUNE HD is cheeper than the ipod touch so thats a plus. 
I'm starting to come off as a spokesperson now...
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Hearing a lot of Zune love here...I might want to try one out.
I'm more of a cheap music player person so I use an iPod Shuffle right now with a Nano.
But I bought the Metal Gear Walkman and fell in love with that thing.

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iPod, but only because its the best mp3 player available to me at the moment. The Zune looks rather attractive.

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If Zunes were compatible with Macs, I'd no doubt own one. I fucking hate my iPod. It constantly breaks, it has a shit battery life and I hate I payed 200+ for 8GBs of storage space. I love touch screens and apps, but fuck. I feel ripped off every time I reach my space limit on it.

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@Fish_Face_McGee said:
" Zune. "
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iPod Classic

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Cowon iAudio 9 as it plays my extensive Ogg Vorbis library natively.

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I have an iPod touch but I kinda regret buying it now. I don't really use a lot of the apps (Most are junk) and none of the games have sustained my interest for more than a few days. The only thing I use it for is as a media player, which the Zune HD is better at doing than the iPod.

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Would have bought the zune but i live in the UK so, ipod.

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Im rockin a ZuneHD

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I am Zune then iPhone for backup just in case the battery dies lol

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Zune HD

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I've had the same Sansa Sandisk for some years now and it still works as good as the day I got it for $40. I see no need to get anything. 
When the little guy finally does crap out on me i'll probably just get an Android Phone to replace him...or another Sansa since Woot sells them all the time.

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iPod Touch. 
Ftw :)
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A Sanyo portable player, but to be honest the only thing I listen to now are podcasts on my cell phone. 

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iPod, I have a Mac so it's just the easiest.  iPod Nano right now, I was going to get an iPod Touch but I decided just to wait until the update in September.

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I'm a zunie.  zunies never say die. 
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Not Ipod.

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I have an iPod Touch that I no longer use.

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Sony Walkman 
EDIT: a very old one, those things are built to last!

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the only mp3 player I ever had was a sandisk 256mb. at the time of purchase it cost around 50 dollars. that was a pretty long time ago
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my phone

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iPod Touch

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NOT an ipod simply because itunes is a mess of a program to have to deal with, too many weird issues with that to deal with

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Iphones are cool but the prices/plans are insanely dumb.  Classic ipods are straight trash.  There are mp3 players 1/4th the price with better audio quality.  Not to mention Itunes is so freaking bad.
Would consider Ipod touch just for apps/games if I could find a deal on one (I could never deal with that shit audio quality for music on a daily basis).

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zune hands down. zune pass is a great idea, the software is way more user friendly, and i love the social. sending songs to my friends is awesome for a quick fix for something you don't have.

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I Pod.