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Tricky question as of right now but technically yes.

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This should be interesting....

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Unfortunately, yes^^

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since i can remember

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Nuh uh.

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Didn't you recently ask if we had partners? Seriously man, if you can't think of an original question, maybe don't post one.

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@astrotriforce: Yep, yep. Interested to see the results later on.
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If you want to call it that way.

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I remember answering this question not long ago. Might not have been Triforce asking, though. 
I've got a girlfriend of four years; It's pretty badass.

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Nope, although I have to admit being single was the norm for me for the longest of time.

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For the time being, yes. But things tend to change with this guy.

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Yes, thank god. 

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Depends on who's asking. *wink wink* 
...Dont worry, I'll slap myself.

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Infinite sadness.

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@Abyssfull said:
"Depends on who's asking. *wink wink*  ...Dont worry, I'll slap myself. "

Slap yourself again.
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Somewhere out there, God is drawing a Venn diagram of video games vs. people who are single. The part in the middle he shall call Giant Bomb. 
And it shall be glorious.

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Just like last time you posted this question, yes and thank you for reminding me.

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yes, since well forever. :/

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Yes, but don't tell my right hand I said that. She gets weird about the subject.

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@crusader8463 said:
" Yes, but don't tell my right hand I said that. She gets weird about the subject. "
I assume you typed that whole sentence with your left hand.
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Yes, I'm single

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Awww, 3/4 of you guys need to go out there and get girlfriends!  Just believe in yourself!

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No... I have been in a long distance relationship for about 3 years now.  We've seen each other every once in a while and we've had our bumps and troubles with this but we're in it for the long haul (at least I'm PRETTY sure she is).

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Since yesterday yes

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@Synthballs said:
" Didn't you recently ask if we had partners? Seriously man, if you can't think of an original question, maybe don't post one. "
This...please stop with these...they are getting so fucking stupid
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Since early December, yes.

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Married with children, but ask me again in a year because I started playing WoW again. (just kidding, OR AM I)

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Yes, and experience has taught me that I'd rather be single than entangled with the wrong woman.
That said, I've got my eye on a girl right now and so far things are looking good.

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Yep, I have no room for guys when my own life is a mess.

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I'm not too sure anymore, it's just as complicated as quantum physics. Ask in a year and I'll know for sure.

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Hell no.  I got mad hot bitches.

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I don't even know anymore, shits messed up.

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No, as I've a Queen.

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No, because I'm awesome.

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Yes, I'm single. And have been for almost thirty-four years now. (I'll turn thirty-four coming Januari 14th) : P
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Only because I want to be. I could get a girlfriend no problem.... what its true I tell you true. I just don't wanna..... F you guys *CRYS*

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