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This is my second time trying Photoshop, still practicing so don't bite my head off >.< Here's Vayne in her Aristocrat skin, i hope you LoL fans like <333

#2 Posted by Mosswine (11 posts) -

great job as usual!!!!

#3 Posted by blueballs (7 posts) -

great job......with all your work i have seen im not surprised that this drawing is amazing

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@blueballs: Thank you ^.^ I'll be doing some more shoes soon so im excited about that :D

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Cool! Recently discovered how good Vayne is too.

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Looks great!

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I thought this was about joke :(

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Did this skin always have this much boob?

#9 Posted by Mechwing (271 posts) -

youd be surprised how much boob are in LoL outfits. and Nice drawing!! was to lazy to comment on the other one! soo Good job X2! XD

#10 Posted by LadyAensland (50 posts) -

@CaptainCody: haha no there is actually supposed to be a shirt underneath that but i love boobs so i wanted to show lots of skin >.<