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I looked back 5 pages and did not see a thread for this. If their is one please close this up.


There is a video from the mid season return. I don't know how to post the video from my iPad right now.

Anyway it feel like this easily one of the best superhero tv shows that has come out In a very long time. When I go back to other shows I think of that horrible flash show *shudders* or Wonder Woman >.>

Anyway I want to keep spoilers down to a minimum for those who have not seen the show. Watching the development of Oliver over the seasons is a sign of his maturity as his time as "green arrow" even tho he had that random over the top incident with "speedy"

How do you all like the show?

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I'm really liking the show. I had my doubts considering how superhero TV shows have been in the past, but I'm really glad I got into this. The opening monologue still makes me cringe because I find it soooooo cheesy, but that's honestly like my one and only noteworthy complaint about the show and if that's my only complaint, I think I can say the show is in a good place right now.

Props to CW for that trailer though for resisting the temptation to spoil any upcoming Flash moments. If this was your average, modern movie trailer, I feel like they would've spoiled that surprise right out the gate lol.

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We can talk about spoilers, no one not watching it is going to click this thread.

Anyway, I really like the show. It's fun to see villains like Deathstroke and Deadshot. At the mid season finale, that super strong dude Ollie killed was Cyrus(?) Gold (Solomon Grundy) so hopefully they turn him zombie and not be all super grounded in reality forever. That'd be an awesome surprise. I'm excited to see The Flash in action also. I wonder if they'll go the whole way and bring out characters like Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc. That'd be really damn cool.

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I think there's a chance, albeit an incredibly small one, that Batman and/or Superman would make an appearance. I think it depends on how much DC is committed to connecting their franchises like Marvel has done. If DC and Warner ever get their shit together and decide to bring this incarnation of Green Arrow into the fold, I think we'll see those two appear in an episode or two. If not, I think we'll mostly likely just see everyone else. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the rest of the "not Batman/Superman-tier" characters seem infinitely more likely to make an appearance in my opinion.

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It was great to see the flash being born In the show which is leading to flash getting his own show sometime next year. I wonder if they will show anymore hero "births" from this show. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw wonder woman tho...

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I fucking Love Arrow. It really surprised me when they said that Nolan's Batman wouldn't be the same Batman for the next Man of Steel simply because it seemed like they were starting from scratch again with regards to a Justice League movie. But when they decide to do a Justice League movie, Oliver from Arrow should totally be included.

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Its Good only a few things bother me here and there,sometimes the acting can be abit cringe worthy and the costumes except Oliver's look really cheap,also Im not sure I like the direction they're going with Slade.

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I miss bad dudes being jumped, followed by "YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY" but I think the show is fantastic. It's got a great vibe, at the minute very reminiscent of Batman Begins both in the plot (mental asylum, masked scientist, Ra's Al Ghul, etc.) and the cinematography of the show (everything has a very strong bronze/gold glow to it. Google batman begins and check image search for the color I mean.)

The stuff on the island is really interesting, all the fight scenes involving Deathstroke / Wintergreen are incredibly well done and in general the fight scenes in the show are great. I can't wait to see Slade and Oliver's present day reunion, which will almost certainly end in fisticuffs.

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Its Good only a few things bother me here and there,sometimes the acting can be abit cringe worthy and the costumes except Oliver's look really cheap,also Im not sure I like the direction they're going with Slade.

The main chick, her name escapes me. The main love interest, the lawyer chick. She's AWFUL. Like holy shit bad. I also don't really like Olivers sister, but i blame that more on the writing making her look like a bratty little bitch. Aside from them i don't have a huge problem with the acting. The main dude seems pretty good, though its crazy how often he has his shirt off, but you know, i guess ladies like that and good for them. So i'll support that.

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It's pretty great that a woman who was complicit in the deaths of 500 people is the best possible option to run for mayor. Also, Suicide Squad. Hell. Yeah. This Amanda Waller ain't the Wall that we all know and love though.