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#1 Posted by flashx_454 (50 posts) -

what is everybody's favorite Doritos flavor

#2 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4701 posts) -

Original. Cool Ranch is fine as well.

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#4 Posted by BeachThunder (12410 posts) -

You mean Cool American, right? :P

But, really, I haven't had Doritos in ages - I don't like getting my fingers covered in stuff :o

#5 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (3778 posts) -

Nacho Cheese is the original..

I'll usually go for Buffalo, but Cool Ranch is an old favorite.

#6 Edited by Bollard (5841 posts) -

Doritos are disgusting. The smell will actively make me avoid you.

#7 Edited by Demoskinos (15143 posts) -

Spicy Nacho is pretty good. I think there is a Spicy Chili that is also pretty good as well.

#8 Posted by Animasta (14719 posts) -

nacho cheese.

#9 Edited by MeatSim (10939 posts) -

Nacho cheese and the throwback taco flavor. When it comes to the Dorito Tacos at Taco Bell though I think the Cool Ranch seasoning works better with tacos then the ones blasted with the nacho cheese flavor dust.

#10 Edited by Jawshua (268 posts) -

Doritos jacked enchilada supreme.

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@immortalsaiyan: Original? There is an "original" Dorito?

I'm no Doritios connoisseur. You know what I meant, anyway.

#12 Posted by Live2bRighteous (315 posts) -

I wonder what a combination of Nacho and Cool Ranch on one chip tastes like...

#13 Posted by Sackmanjones (4761 posts) -

I can't remember the last time I had Doritos.

#14 Edited by flashx_454 (50 posts) -

Am I the only one who thinks the Doritos Jacked taste like they are stale right out of the bag

#15 Posted by PontiusPyrite (32 posts) -

Current or all-time? I have fond memories of the BBQ flavored doritos from ~15 years ago. For current flavors I think cool ranch and spicy nacho are tied, dependent on how I'm feeling at the time.

Also I agree that the jacked doritos tasted stale from the start. Maybe not quite stale but there's something not right with them.

#16 Posted by deathstriker666 (1337 posts) -

@flashx_454 said:

Am I the only one who thinks the Doritos Jacked taste like they are stale right out of the bag

I think you can say that about all Doritos, primarily why I don't care much about them. Cheddar Ruffles all day errvryday

#17 Posted by stalefishies (344 posts) -

@immortalsaiyan said:

Original. Cool Ranch is fine as well.

In the UK, the blue Doritos are called 'Cool Original'. I'm assuming they're the same flavour as Cool Ranch, but you never know if the recipe's slightly different.

Also, Cool Original.

#18 Edited by Clonedzero (4196 posts) -

Doritos are ok, they're not my favorite chip at all.

But nacho cheese would be my favorite Dorito. cool ranch is ok though.

Cape Cod chips is where its at though.

#19 Edited by Poppduder (460 posts) -

My favorite is Doritos Locos Tacos Cool Ranch Doritos because I like my food recursive.

#20 Edited by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -

They have weird rolled ones that are like spicey that are pretty good. But Nacho would probably be my go-to.

#21 Posted by Brendan (8136 posts) -

Sweet chili heat by a mile.

#22 Edited by Wrighteous86 (3823 posts) -

They're rare, but Salsa Verde Doritos are the best Doritos.

#23 Posted by RioStarwind (578 posts) -

Nacho Cheese has always been the best. I've never been one for trying out a lot of flavors but every time I do they never even come close to the original flavor.

#24 Posted by Intro (1212 posts) -

Cool Ranch

#25 Edited by SaFt (390 posts) -

Of the very limited selection we have over here i would go with Cool American without a doubt. And Nacho cheese a distant second.

#26 Edited by MocBucket62 (1259 posts) -

Nacho Cheese for me.

#27 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12110 posts) -

I think Sweet and Spicy Chilli may be my new favorite, but you can't go wrong with ranch either.

#28 Edited by Bane (453 posts) -

Spicy Sweet Chili. You know how you find those few chips that are overloaded with seasoning? The whole bag tastes like that.

#29 Edited by believer258 (12185 posts) -

Nacho Cheese.

#30 Edited by oldenglishC (1008 posts) -

Flamin' Hot Funyuns are the best kind of Dorito.

#31 Edited by 49th (2844 posts) -

Most of the time I eat Doritos they are just plain or salt flavour whatever dipped into salsa and stuff. If I had to choose a flavour I would go with Cool Original/Ranch or Nacho Cheese though.

#32 Posted by NickL (2247 posts) -

They're rare, but Salsa Verde Doritos are the best Doritos.

At least there is one other person that likes Salsa Verde. Also, as a side note, Salsa Verde would make a great taco shell.

#33 Posted by Milkman (17316 posts) -

Sweet Chili is pretty rad.

#34 Posted by CaLe (4052 posts) -

The ones in the blue packet. I don't often eat crisps though.

#35 Edited by MetalBaofu (1440 posts) -

I don't eat Doritos all that much, but I remember really liking the guacamole ones. Sucks that they are gone now.

#36 Edited by Nev (561 posts) -

When I have me some chips, Nacho Cheese Doritos and Funyuns are the two I usually pick from.

#37 Posted by Ravenlight (8011 posts) -

Literally any other chip is what I usually go for. There's nothing about Doritos that I enjoy.

#38 Posted by flashx_454 (50 posts) -

I wish they would bring back Doritos 3D

#39 Edited by Subject2Change (2966 posts) -

Ranch Buffalo are damn amazing. I usually tend to go with Spicy chips.

#40 Edited by MattyFTM (14432 posts) -

They released a limited edition "jalapeño fire" flavour here in the UK a while back. It was great. Didn't taste of jalapeños as such, but it was incredibly hot and super tasty.

#41 Posted by ichthy (585 posts) -

Do Doritos Collisions Hot Wings Blue Cheese count? I mean they're technically two flavours, but I'll be damned if that wasn't genius.

#42 Edited by EarlessShrimp (1669 posts) -

Do off-brand named doritos count?

#43 Posted by Aetheldod (3723 posts) -

Normal Dorito´s I dont like the spicy kind (the ones available in Mexico)

#44 Posted by TheHT (11777 posts) -

bold bbq

#45 Posted by jorbear (2517 posts) -

cool ranch

#46 Edited by TyCobb (1973 posts) -

Spicy Sweet Chili!

Can never go wrong with Cool Ranch

#47 Posted by TheZodiac (37 posts) -

Cool Ranch. The new Dill Pickle ones are alright too.

#48 Edited by RenegadeDoppelganger (418 posts) -

I tried cool ranch again after years of not buying it. Wasn't nearly as good as I remembered and the flavour got kinda old not long after opening the bag.

Sweet Chili Heat is pretty awesome but Jalapeno and Cheddar is undoubtedly the king of flavour dusted corn chips.

An aside: tried that weird dual flavour thing they had going on for a while (hot wings/ blue cheese) awful. Also tried JACKED doritos, which, as far as I can tell, are just a hard taco shell caked with flavouring. The thickness and the texture made them seem very stale and not at all like just a bigger version of a doritos chip.

#49 Posted by TrafalgarLaw (1360 posts) -

Cajun salsa...thank god they discontinued that 10 years ago...otherwise I'd be the size of a truck right now.

#50 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (3778 posts) -

@aetheldod: Flamas?! Never mind, I'll go with Tapatio. :D

That newer logo, though.. Aah... I like the older-newer logo.. The font looks like Sonic..