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which race cant drive more? asian or haspanic?

when it comes to "x race cant drive thread" on the internet, i always hear it about asian cant drive. why no other race? why only asian? just because the chinese is popular. i honestly think mexican drive worse than asian if asian were to be lable as cant drive.... mexican is worse. whole load of time i see mexican and their very tall trucks/suv driving stepping all over the lines and no signal and recently encounter two witin 1 trip. tall truck stepping on lines being on two lanes for like 9 seconds.... i was very careful and stay distance.... he finally change lane and without even signaling! then 2min later another one with tall suv this time..... i was on other lane and he was on another. he drive exactly like other guy from earlier.... stepping lanes..... and i happend to be close to him he stepping on my lane.... then move back the step again like he trying to change to my lane but no fucking signal! i was a bit scared and i was like what the????? i beep beep....... then i quickly push up to pass him when it is safe. he beep beep back. how the shizzy he beep back? its like he trying to say he aint wrong! mannn i was like..... mannn......... no wonder i see alot of people get out of the car and fight over traffic matters.

long time ago i was at parking lot driving out to the exit. suddenly mexican driver out of no where cut right at me like it aint nothing! this is not racist stuff. so keep racism out. itll be funny if someone call it racist in this thread. in "asian cant drive threads" no single person ever say racist.

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What the fuck.

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hey GXZ, long time no see

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I was impressed by the amount of posts, to be honest.

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You're asking people to make silly generalisations about entire races, making generalisations about races yourself based off a few encounters, and playing off an old racial stereotype, the thread is even called "asian cant drive". Yes, this is racist, and does not belong on these forums.