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Who do you think is the hottest woman from lost? You can post pics too. But it cannot be kate, because she is everones first pick as the hottest.

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I don't watch Lost but I do think Sayid is hotter then an otter on a hot tin roof.

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@TenaciousE said:
"Girls you can state who you think is the hottest guy from lost, but please don't post sexy (not to me) pics of them. "
Wouldn't want to give them all the rights, eh?
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Kate's got a moustache. 
Seriously. In the latest series, she has a moustache when she's one the island. I have no idea how anyone could 'pick her'. 
Not to mention Claire is obviously the cutest.

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@eroticfishcake: sayid is a dud, u know that right
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I would say clair when not pregnatn or shannon

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@TenaciousE said:
" @eroticfishcake: sayid is a dud, u know that right "
Yes...and what are you implying?...
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I never thought much of Claire myself, but the gunky, disheveled Claire from this season is smokin' hot. I was also a big fan of Alex.

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Why has no one posted shannon

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oh come on someone has to agree with me /\