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Well yeah, this is something I always when im currently beating a game I post about it and see what other people think about the game.
but yeah has anyone else beat the game? NO SPOILERS please.
but who thinks this game is actually good? so far playing it, im enjoying how the city is built and the fight sequences are not too shabby as well.

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Mission structure was too repetitive and there were no subtitles so I couldn't grasp half of the plot.

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Sorry dude, wrong forum.

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I really enjoyed it, but has a few short comings 4/5

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eh, it was ok.

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I have not played it yet but my cousin is playing it right next to me right now. lol

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it was okay... i beat it, but at the end it was just like ahhh... you want me to do this too? well i aint gonna, screw you.

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I beat it. It was ok. Great graphics but gameplay-wise it left a lot to be desired

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It was Prince of Persia and Crackdown's lovechild.

I liked it but never finished it....

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I actually just beat this game for the first time on Saturday.  It was great, but I didn't like how it ended when you got out of the animus.  Kinda anti-climatic.

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I didn't finish it. Waaay to repetitive for me.
Also, this should be in general game discussion, this is OT!
No games.

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I finished it, but only after I took a HUGE 3 month break after starting it.  To me, the game has got a lot of good ideas and a well-crafted game world to explore, but it just doesn't really have anything to DO in it.  You'll end up doing the same thing over and over and although I felt the story was good, you as your character also seemed very detached from the story telling, what with Altair's ability to walk around and switch cameras, all of which don't get you near enough to the actual storytellings to get you too enthralled with the action.  Overall, its an average action adventure game, but nothing too special.

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The story was good but the main game is too repetitive 

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This game is GREAT!

I played on the PC, and I thought it was absolutely amazing! Can't wait for the sequel!

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the story was too far-fetched for me and the mission were too repetive

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It was  fun to run around the cities at first, but then it got reptitive cuz u had to do the same missions OVER AND OVER again.

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Huge potential.  Huge letdown.