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What will you do if Apple release an iPad 2 next year? The same basic product, but with a more powerful processor and more RAM? I've gotta admit, the fact that the iPhone 4 has the same processor and more RAM kinda makes my iPad seem less impressive. The huge screen is obviously a plus, and I'd never use an iPhone 4 to do the same kind of browsing I do on my iPad, but still. So yeah. Would you upgrade to the new one, or simply leave it as it is? I mean it's not like a phone with a contract, so you won't be able to get a free upgrade or whatever, so I imagine they could piss a lot of people off doing it this way. The only way I'd upgrade is if they did do some sort of upgrade service, maybe take in your existing one and pay a little extra to get the new model, but like I said, that'll probably never happen. Thoughts? Also, I shouldn't have to say this, but don't use this thread to hate on Apple or iPad users or whatever.

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If the thing had flash support I would have more of a interest in it, till then i'll just use a laptop.

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Well my solution to the iPhone 4 owning the hell out of my iPad specs wise was to.... buy an iPhone 4.  
I think the iPad is powerful enough for it's needs, it does exactly what it needs to, so an upgrade would be unnecessary for me. But like any mac product, when it dies in two years, I'll buy whatever latest model comes out. The iPad however, is something I don't know if I'll replace. Great computer for vacations and such, and it's an amazing e-reader, but my phone covers the rest, really.

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I would not be surprise if apple did that.  I like apple but I hate they do that all time.  They have such a crazy cult following that their fans will buy it which is cool in a way but totally sucks for ppl like me (pretty other ppl relate) that cant be dropping cash like that every year.

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If they release a new version?  This is apple :D
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They'd have to up all of the specs. I want at least a near-desktop internet experience, as well as a good processor and all those performance doo-hickeys.

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cmon everybody knows that were going to see a new version of the Ipad next year, and all the rabid fans will buy it, its just how apple does things.

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I find that by never buying an Apple product, i always stay up to date with Apple products and feel like a smarter consumer for it.
...which is fitting seeing as the iPod classic is the only Apple product i give a shit about.

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Yeah, that's what I'm seeing with people. Apple would have to up the specs a major amount for existing users to upgrade, but even if they did bring out a new one I don't think I could justify an upgrade. The only time I would have to consider it is if companies started to bring out games that pushed the current iPad hardware to the limit (IE, optimised to the hypothetical new one potentially rendering the old one useless), as is what's happening now with my iPhone 3G. I don't intend to get a new iPhone as it still works perfectly well (granted the battery is getting a bit poor), but since I do all of my Apple gaming on my iPad now (thanks to the massive screen), I don't have as much of a need for a new iPhone.  Like I said, it's not like an iPad upgrade can be justified like an iPhone upgrade, where people on contract will just continue that and get a free (or significantly cheaper) handset. Ah well, only time will tell I guess. 
If they do bring out a new model though, I think this'll push me towards the Apple hate camp. I mean I really like their products, and having owned several iPods, an iPhone and an iPad, they really are high quality. That said, if they bring out an all-new powerful iPad with much more memory and RAM than the iPhone 4, which in all fairness it should have had in the first place (they've obviously decided on the specs of the iPad, then made the iPhone 4 more powerful to make it seem even more crazy than it already was), I think they could piss off a lot more people than they normally do. A yearly upgrade to a mobile phone isn't terribly uncommon for a lot of people, whereas you wouldn't expect to upgrade your computer/laptop/netbook-type product for several years minimum. Hmm, I don't know. 
Any other opinions from iPad owners?

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If the upgrade is significant enough, I'll buy another.

At first, I bought the iPad as a novelty - I like Apple products, I liked the idea and I had the money to spend on crap. I knew if I didn't like it that it would sell for a good price.

Now, I couldn't be without the damn thing - it's so exceptionally useful in so many ways that there's not enough iPad to go around! Me, my girlfriend, friends and family all want to use it whenever they can get their hands on it. I've considered buying another but want to see what the second generation is like, and whether there's any equivalent Android devices one day.

It isn't perfect, for sure, but it's made the tablet form factor in to something useful, and it does it damn well.

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Apple will do that and I will buy it. I generally wait for 2nd gen tech products.

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Its unfortunate that they have a rabid cult following, otherwise we might see less of these Apple products they keep pumping out every year. 
Now that I think about it, if Apple ever entered into the console war they'd either win or lose for making revisions every year.

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I gave my Ipad to my gf, its a useless piece of tech for someone who already has a macbook.

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I'm actually waiting for the next iPad. I mean I'd be surprised if Apple didn't upgrade the iPad next year with more RAM, faster processor, FaceTime compatibility (thus 2 cameras) and even the retina display.

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it's apple they are going to release a new Ipad. they release "new" of the same items every year. their computer are expensive for nothing. it's like $200 to upgrade the RAM in the a computer. While the PC it's just like $20 for a gig. 
i don't own any apple products. i just never got into doing that kind of stuff. i still happily buy CD's so i don't have to download itunes or anything. i get a cool case with about the artist type of book that comes with a CD.

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We are talking about natural evolution of anything tech. Yes, there will be a successor to the iPad which might have one more bell and whistle, more ram, better processor, yadda yadda. Do you buy something now or wait till the next version comes out, which eventually... becomes outdated within a few months. I say, if you are happy with your iPad now, be happy. Until a product can literally improve you way of life, be a smart consumer and upgrade when needed. 
I will say that it is a good thing that we have the iPad because we now have other companies interested in creating a tablet that is just as competitive... wait a sec, why is this posted here and not over at Tested? We could probably even get Will and Norm in on this conversation!

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Save yourself from the BS, don't buy crapple products.

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I can't wait for the new iPad. I'm waiting for that before I buy one.