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Doing this to gather my fellow aussie's, this is my goal, team up play multiplayer games , share, love gaintbomb and enjoy life, I'm trying to get local groups in each state, we all love GB and I want to talk to people locally to create a local gaming scene to have ppl to talk to and have ppl understand what the hell your talking about.

I'm writing this drunk hope I'm conveying the point , I'm in adelaide and wish to talk enjoy and play games with fellow members

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Hey I'm drunk too! I'm not an Aussie but I get what you're after. Good luck with it!

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Well I'm in Australia but I sure as shit ain't Australian if that helps.


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Why did you even mention you are drunk? It's a moot point. Us Australians are drunk all the time. It's just assumed.

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See what happened to us in Australia is ...

We all got stupid drunk for along time ...

Urinated into the ground ...

Said alcohol tainted urine got into the water supply ...

We drink the water supply ...

Cycle continues.

Australian's hooo!

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I'm an Aussie. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi.

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You can always find me on the S247 server on B4.

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I'm a Canadian living in Melbourne. The in-fighting is hilarious. (on the Bombcast emails, I mean)

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Born and bred in our nation's delightful capital here.

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I'm Aussie. There seems to be quite a few of us in the giantbomb community. I feel its the irreverence that the duders have that really resonates with that Aussie sense of humour.

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Australian's HOOOO!

Australians, HOOOO!

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I'm from SE Asia. Close enough!


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Gaming with some Giantbomb duders from Australia would be pretty sweet. Queensland Represent.