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      Recently I have found myself on youtube listening to allot of videogame orginal songs. By this I mean songs as far as I know were created for the game. Now I know everyone has thier favorite 8bit game themes, but I like to hear some of your guys favroite game muisc with actual instruments. Here are 3 I enjoy and get me pumped everytime I here them. PS: I dare you  to listen to cityscape more than two time and not want to sing along. 

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All of the Shadow of the Colossus music. This is one of my faves, though...

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I quite enjoyed the music in Dragon Quest VIII. I thought it fit the tone of the game very well.

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@Chaser324: That game had some of the best music ever.
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Chrono Cross has incredible music; here are a few examples. Definitely one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time. Then there's Red Alert 2, which Frank Klepacki does a really great job on (Hell March 2 > Hell March 1 and 3). There's a bunch of other soundtracks I really love, and I really don't feel like finding YouTube videos for them all so I'm just going to list a few of them here: Super Mario Galaxy, Persona 4, Professor Layton, Seiken Densetsu 3 (and Secret of Mana), Chrono Trigger (naturally), Mother 3, The World Ends With You (which is mostly licensed music, but a very good soundtrack nonetheless), and Jet Set Radio (and Future).

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  I always really liked music from the Metal Gear Solid series.
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@Br3adfan: I really like the MGS2 theme, but this is the song I always think of when I think of the Metal Gear series:
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@Br3adfan: YES, this is most certainly my favorite game tune ever followed closely by Zelda stuff. I'm going to chuck in a few remixes I've done into the mix... (and yes I know the image is from LttP when it's the OoT theme!)
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no 8-bit? thats like where good game music is! ahhh if you insist. Here are two good ones

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@Otacon I forgot how awesome the Crash Bandicoot music was, that was the only game I would ever play as a kid
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@EVO: Wow! This is epic. I had seen people mention that Shatter's soundtrack was awesome, but I didn't expect this.
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I can't believe someone hasn't posted Liberali Fatali from FF8 yet.... 
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@Chaser324 said:
" @EVO: Wow! This is epic. I had seen people mention that Shatter's soundtrack was awesome, but I didn't expect this. "

same! I also love those jet grind and persona 3 songs.
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Fave song from Persona 3.... 
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@EVO: wow you're right, love it!
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@Chaser324: @Hockeymask27: @Otacon:  You can listen to the soundtrack for free here. But I highly recommend you experience it the real way: BUY THE GAME!
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I just booted up Max Payne 2 and was reminded of how great the theme song is 

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Chrono Trigger- it is one of the few RPGs I have ever finished and one hell of a ride. 

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Perhaps as important as the standalone quality of the music is how well it fits into the game it is depicting.  On that front Super Robot Wars games have some of the best in terms of game themes and character themes.  (watching the first one in HQ gets rid of the video issues.)

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@goth_bacon said:


  I always really liked music from the Metal Gear Solid series. "
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Oh man, that Sonic Adventure 2 Battle song is so hilariously bad. Much like the game itself. Here's my picks, which are the same two songs I've posted in every video game music thread on this site:

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@milkman by itslef its prety bad but i liked how it fit the stage plus it brings back memories.
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as said before Jet Set Radio-renegades of funk 
also Banjo Tooie-Jinjo Village 
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oh I cant believe I forgot, there are 2 more that I loved 
...man N64 is seriously the best system of all time xD
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@amandackrueger: You got to it before I did.  I happen to have listened to this on repeat on my SNES over and over.  When I was 23 I met a friend who'd enjoyed this game nearly as well as I.  We used to listen to this on my soundtrack disc of the game.  After he killed himself, this song immediately came to mind, and I listened to that last time...until now.  I haven't heard it since.  
I remember how we used to drink ourselves drunk and try to recreate the drumbeats  with slaps to our own legs in a semi-harmonious way.  I also recall how funny his nephew found this.  We'd laugh so hard. 
Anyhow,  another one of my favorites:
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Nobuo Uematsu...genius!
And the best fanfare music.... 
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No Edge of Soul from Soul Blade? That shit was the JAM when that game came out!

And speaking of jams, or rather JAM Project, their Super Robot Taisen theme song SKILL is pure awesome. The word gets tossed around a lot on the internet, but their live performance of it is EPIC!
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Persona 4's music is quite good.
The Almighty is the best guitar tune I heard in a game.
My favourite song though, has to be "Your Affection" from Persona 4, which plays on sunny days. There's just something so...so... emotional about it. Maybe it's because I spent a whole summer with that tune.
btw, How could NO ONE mention the best fantasy rpg song... of Morrowind? It's amazing.

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I'm a bit of an old school PC gamer:

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The soundtrack of Final Fantasy IX is one of my favorites in gaming.  I have selected to present one of the more distinguished songs in the game, Vamo 'Alla Flamenco.

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Here is a song that I love to listen to.  It never gets old.

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I love the Metal Gear Solid music. And the Phoenix Wright games kicked absolute ass every time.

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 Here's my pick