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PORTAL SONG MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sunny that's so lame. shouldn't you be in school?

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Holy crap, hasn't there been enough of these threads?
But anyway, Mass Effect has a great theme song.

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I'm going to use this thread to get on my soapbox about Mega Man X6, because not only did that game have some fucking awesome music, in my opinion it was close to being the best game in the X series. The challenge and great music were tops for the whole series, but anyone who's played the game will certainly know it lacks the polish and originality in level design a Mega Man game needs to be good. Even considering that, I think the ideas they had for the gameplay were excellent, they just felt rushed, and lacked in execution as a result. It's because of this that it's my second favorite X game. What the game brings to the table gives me a tantalizingly close view of how close Capcom came to getting the old school formula "right" on systems after the SNES, before making the move to mix things up with the PS2 X games and the Zero/ZX series.
And hey, there are so many video game music threads on the Internet, it can't hurt to bring something a little different to the table.

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    The first time i heard this song while playing Phantasy Star Online i was so transfixed by it that i just stared there dumbfounded at my screen for over an hour. Lets just say my team wasn't very happy to have their spell caster do that but i didn't care because i was swept away into the songs beautiful melody. This is my all time favorite song, let alone a video game song. PSO had many other great songs as well but that was the one for me.

  This song is from my all time favorite game. It's not the best song ever but i love it because i spent many an hour listening to this while playing that game. It's an old PSX game ( Vanguard Bandits) from the 90's so the anime intro is kind of painful to watch by today's standards but the song is awesome, and the mech's design are still amazingly beautiful to look at. If you can find it and like a well told story get this game, it will blow your mind.
Then there are the Lunar games. Every song in those games are a work of magic and should be listened to. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar Eternal Blue are two of my all time favorite game right up there with Vanguard Bandits and Front Mission 3.
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I've got a lot of them but here's some of my favourites.

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Avoid 8-bit videogame music? Well you've basically destroyed 70% of this discussion then.

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@lordofultima said:

" Avoid 8-bit videogame music? Well you've basically destroyed 70% of this discussion then. "

I grew tired of listening to ye olde 80's music a long time a go. 
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For me most of the music from the original Sonic on Mega Drive / Gensis is the the greatest created.
Heres some music that has stood out to me from more recent games.

I'n not a big of the popular Halo "awwwhhhhh awhhhhhh..... yawn". 
But I learnt this on the Guitar a few years back and it kicks the crap out of all the other renditions of the theme. I was also waiting for the Guitars to break out in Halo 3, but i don't think this ever came.. rubbish.
MGS 2 probably has one of the greatest intro songs along with the deep Chello from Max Payne, but those have been covered.
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@FLStyle: My ringtone is from The World Ends With You:
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This is now and has been for years my favorite video game song.  The game is only okay, fun but nothing life changing.  Worth a playthrough if you've never had the chance. The name of the song is "Wishing on an Eternal Sky".  The rest of the music from the OST is good, too. 

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Some great songs already in this thread. I have to say, the standout for me was Shatter, was totally not expecting anything like that. It's too bad I don't have any interest in the actual game. 
Anyway, it's my turn, and I'm going to kick things off with some Majora's Mask love; 

  It makes me feel... I can't really describe it. Happy? Nostalgic? Both these, I guess. Either way, it's one of my favourite pieces of music in any game I've heard. 
  Like all Persona 3 music, I love this track. It could be because it reminds me of one of my all time favourite games, or it could be because it's a great track. Who knows.
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                Gotta have some Bust a Aroove!!!
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@amandackrueger said:
I can't believe someone hasn't posted Liberali Fatali from FF8 yet.... 
Epic music indeed, good choice. 
I have a couple in mind, but I can't remember them :(.
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Im surprised noone said the Donut song from 'Splosion Man yet. 
EDIT!!!  I saw the donuts Go Nuts Song.  Sorry for the repeat song.

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