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If you have seen any of Denny's new "Baconfest" then you know that one of the fine cuisines to choose from is a Bacon Sundae.
I heard this on the radio at first and didn't believe it, but I recently saw a television ad for it.   
Hey Denny's. You're not helping the whole "Americans are fat" stereotype with a Bacon Sundae.
What are you thoughts about it?

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I would try it.

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Bacon makes everything better.... always

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Looks kind of nasty, but I can't help but want to try it. It's got bacon!

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I've had chocolate covered bacon before so bacon ice cream sounds logical.

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@kermoosh:  I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot spoon.
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Jim Gaffigan knows where it's at:

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Bacon got lucky, maple syrup makes everything taste sweet, but that salty bacon seem scrumptious.

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I know that there's been at least bacon-flavoured ice cream before now and I kind of have to applaud Denny's on executing what's obviously a plain ridiculous idea, but this seems like the kind of thing that might be a lot cooler conceptually than in actual practise.

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@ssj4raditz said:

" Jim Gaffigan knows where it's at:

Hail to the king, baby!
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@Twitchey: it is just downright disgusting
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Sweet/salty contrasts are typically pretty good, so I'd be willing to try it.

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That sounds glorious.

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Baconfest, you say?

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Maple and bacon are a match made in heaven, and all those who oppose the divine nature of it shall be struck down upon with great vengeance and furious anger.

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I want this now. I'm so hungry.

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No Denny's around here but I've tasted ice cream with bacon in it and it's pretty good. 
Brown sugar was put on the bacon before it was put in the oven and  then crushed and mixed into the homemade vanilla ice cream. 

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This man would like to have a word with you
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God, english food is so boring. We barely get good ice cream let alone bacon with it.

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That sounds like it may be okay and looks disgusting. Nevertheless, I don't eat such unhealthy foods so......no thanks.

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Am i the only one that doesn't really care for bacon?

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That looks disgusting. 

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@Bobdaman18 said:

" Am i the only one that doesn't really care for bacon? "

Nope, I don't like bacon especially when it's invading my ice cream.
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You know, I like bacon.  I like ice cream.  I do not want bacon in my ice cream. 
Also, how much unhealthier can food get in this country?  I won't say I eat healthy at all, but god damn, draw a line somewhere!
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I'm a big fan of bacon, but bacon as a sweet just does not sound good to me at all.

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@Twitchey: I really don't understand this huge thing with bacon.  I mean okay, I like bacon.  I'll often have a couple slices with or for breakfast.  But, for instance, someone I know made a bacon dutch apple pie this weekend.  WTF?!
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God damnit, there's really no saving American culture, is there...

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Denny's serves some seriously disgusting "food". I'll pass.

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Shit, I thought Conan was joking about the bacon sundae.

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I feel like I have to say "only in America".

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That looks DELICIOUS! Lil' bit salty, lil' bit sweet. Amazing idea.

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@kermoosh said:
" @Twitchey:
I'm in!  
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The trend of throwing unhealthy food together and putting it on the menu is getting old.

I want it.

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What the hell?????? Who would eat this????  
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sweet + savoury. end on the savoury.