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I used this as a rerference. http://infobella.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/banana-ripeness-scale/ To them, once a bannana is brown it is unedible. For me, that is ridiculous. I like most of my bannans at around 75% brownness (?). Sometimes at that level you will get bad bruises but I sometimes find 90% browned bannanas that are perfectly fine. Sorry for shitty layout, I'm on ios.

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People that enjoy brown bananas are heathens.

Wow, that sounds racist.

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They're best when they got black spots on them. Just the right softness and they're deliciously sweet.

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Once bananas turn brown you're supposed to make them into banana bread, yumyumyumyum.

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Gimme some of dat green

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10 - Black.

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@PeasantAbuse: also: freeze them and use them in smoothies. Or blend them up on their own to make banana "ice cream." It's awesome.

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@Hailinel said:

People that enjoy brown bananas are heathens.

Wow, that sounds racist.

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Im picky about my fruit. Brown I just have to feel like is spoiling. Long as the banana is all white, or VERY slight browning on the inside Ill eat it. A banana does have to be properly ripe. I like them 1-2 days after they have turned all yellow. If they are too green they taste like shit.

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I despise bananas. I can't even touch the inside of a banana peel without getting grossed out.

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Where is the "Fuck Bannanas" button?

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@PeasantAbuse: also: freeze them and use them in smoothies. Or blend them up on their own to make banana "ice cream." It's awesome.

Holy shit that ice cream sounds amazing.
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I dont understand why I click on these threads.

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I dont understand why I click on these threads.

me either but fuck yeh im gonna vote and then explain what i picked

I like mine yellow with a little brown, so that its nice and soft, for smoothies though they need to be fully yellow

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If it's soft my gag reflex kicks in, every fucking time. Just a hint of green is the way to go. Brown= inedible.

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all yellow, green isn't good enough and brown is too mushy. although banana bread should be made anytime they're brown so maybe brown is the best ripeness level for a banana.

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@Demoskinos said:

Where is the "Fuck Bannanas" button?

Hey man whatever you wanna do on your own time, more power to ya.

..But in here we're talking about eating 'em.

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They have to be browning. Green bananas are gross.

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I hate bananas they're the worst and give me heartburn. THEY BURN MY HEART!

edit: all yellow :(

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No matter what you gotta watch out for Banana Mouth.

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I prefer the ones that are a little bit green. Yellow ones taste a little bit bland to me.

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There's like a 3 hour window where Bananas are great, and it's somewhere between slightly green, and all yellow.

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All yellow all the time

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2 banana pro tips:

1) peel from the bottom (not the stem side)- it's easier to crack into and you don't mush it up trying to get it open

2) if you buy a large quantity, throw it in the fridge- it'll still go completely brown, but they'll remain edible for a longer period (as opposed to them ripening at room temp and then all going off at the same time)

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The numbers on this scale correspond to the number of instances of passed gas

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I don't like bananas, but I definitely wouldn't eat a brown one.

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Where is the "Fuck Bannanas" button?

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Yellow with green tint and keep them cool in the fridge too.

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Yellow banana goes in, brown banana comes out.

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@Sanj said:

Yellow banana goes in, brown banana comes out.


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If its at the colour my eyes can see as yellowey brown, then I classify it as safe. Being colour blind I have been tricked once or twice thinking they where yellow, I just can't take that risk anymore.

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Yellow with green end. I hate brownish bananas. Always have.

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Brown - when I have Bananas in my daily diet, I'm buying them a week in advance. Almost all brown & tangy sweet.

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Bananas with just the start of brown spots showing are technically at their sweetest. I prefer them at this point because they're not too soft or too firm. Many like more firm bananas (my wife is this way), and yet others prefer them soft. Whatever. There's a point when they're so soft that I just don't like the texture, and too-green bananas just don't taste right to me.

I always freeze my bananas that have gone too brown, for use either in banana ice cream or to thaw and use in banana bread.

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I like them pink, hold on what were you asking!

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The only answer, and this is not some stupid opinion, it's fact, is that a ripe banana would be what you have up there at seven. I personally hate eating it then though, and go with it being all yellow 'cause it taste the best and isn't mushy. Too green is too hard.

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Yellow with the green stem - yellowish brown is usually my range for banana eatin'. I can live with a few brown spots but when the browness starts transferring to the inner banana, I'm out.

That was a really weird thing to think about and then type. Everyone should be in touch with their inner banana.

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7 or 8 for me. Yellow with a few small brown speckles or dots is usually good with me. They get sweeter it seems the darker they are. I don't like eating them just plain when they are all dark brown and mush, but then just use them for banana bread! Yummm.