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#1 Posted by Cynically_Happy (50 posts) -

I need help with something, if a bar-fight were to break out what would be the best/most fitting music to be playing in the background?

#2 Posted by Feanor (1387 posts) -

Whatever's on the jukebox when the fight breaks out?

#3 Posted by Maystack (906 posts) -
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Something with bagpipes.

I don't know, that's just the first thing that came to mind.

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#6 Posted by wewantsthering (1578 posts) -

This is a song I'm going to use in a screen play bar scene I'm writing. Haha.

#7 Posted by NTM (7479 posts) -

Mmm, probably this.

... Just kidding.

#8 Posted by Grimhild (723 posts) -


What's the vibe you're going for? Is it slapstick, darkly comedic, brutally realistic, hyper-violent? So many possibilities.

#9 Posted by Alkaiser (367 posts) -

@RenMcKormack said:


You're doing the lords work sir. Bless you.

#10 Posted by KatyGaGa (309 posts) -

Windy and Carl

#11 Posted by Yummylee (22056 posts) -

Uh huh, trust me.

#12 Posted by Ksaw (345 posts) -

This always sounded like a bar fight song to me for some reason.

#13 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4308 posts) -

How about some video game boss themes?   

#14 Posted by Cynically_Happy (50 posts) -

@Grimhild: I'm not really going for a really dark and grim tone, the violence I'm not really sure about (this is for a random scene I came up with that I may or may not put into a screenplay at some point in the future, so I'm not sure how bloody or brutal I want it to be) but I do want a kind of song that conveys a sense of chaos and franticness as it will be a big fight (20+ patrons involved in the fight)

#15 Posted by Akeldama (4253 posts) -

It goes with everything.

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Fuck, Ninjaed

#17 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2834 posts) -

@Yummylee said:

Uh huh, trust me.

@Dagbiker said:

YEP. Exactly what I was thinking.

#18 Posted by JCTango (1364 posts) -

@Cynically_Happy: Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting

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EDIT: I changed my mind. This is the perfect bar fight-background song. Hell, it's the perfect anything-background song.

I guess this would be my second choice:

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Well, since it also was a bar fight scene, this music fits perfectly I guess :)

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#22 Posted by Yummylee (22056 posts) -

Also for the Irish bar fights - or social gatherings as they call them:

#23 Posted by Schmollian (265 posts) -

@S0ndor: Was just about to post that upon looking at the title lol

#24 Posted by PeezMachine (241 posts) -

Look, I like you guys, but you're all wrong.

#25 Edited by Schmollian (265 posts) -

Or we could turn the bar fight real dark. The Max Payne way

#26 Posted by MikeGosot (3227 posts) -

#27 Posted by SexualBubblegumX (542 posts) -


  Seriously, I'd so be in that bar fight.
#28 Posted by Inkerman (1452 posts) -

Bad things happen to me when this song plays.

#29 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -
@wewantsthering If you like Nick Cave barfighting music, may I also recommend the Ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltrane?

Anyway, the entire discography of the Dropkick Murphys would be appropriate for all bar fights, although that'd get tiring if you had to fight that whole time.
#30 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4690 posts) -

Yuzo Koshiro has the answer.

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#32 Posted by fox01313 (5081 posts) -

Lots of options with this one but there's a lot from the Dropkick Murphys that would work for this but just about anything over the top/absurd would be good.

#33 Posted by mlarrabee (2993 posts) -

@Yummylee said:

Uh huh, trust me.

Either that, or this:

It's a toss-up for me, really.

#34 Posted by Vigil (231 posts) -

The ruckus

Bring it.

#35 Posted by Sydd (3 posts) -
#36 Posted by Jack268 (3387 posts) -


  I thought this was pretty inspired.
#37 Posted by ProfessorEss (7450 posts) -
@Inkerman: Nice call man. 
The first thing that popped into my head (and won't leave) is Motorhead's Ace of Spades. 
#38 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -
@ProfessorEss Too fast, everyone would be exhausted or dead in two minutes haha!
#39 Posted by Dawglet (312 posts) -

Since everyone is just posting random shit.

kawaii bar fights

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#41 Posted by L44 (566 posts) -

Jimmy the Exploder

#42 Posted by Skyfire543 (713 posts) -

inb4 Girlfriend

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@Yummylee said:

Also for the Irish bar fights - or social gatherings as they call them:

I raise you sir!

#44 Posted by Dauragon (554 posts) -

This song plays in my head whenever I imagine bar fights.

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For when the police show up

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It may not a proper fight, but the opening bar scene of Prey remains one of my favorite memories in gaming, the rest of the game notwithstanding.

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#50 Posted by hidys (1029 posts) -

That fight needs to end quick hopefully this will calm everyone down.