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wow! taylor lautner is going to be playing batman, he looks just like terry too, this is going to be better than the dark knight i think
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Cool fake trailer bro.

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@punkxblaze said:

Cool fake trailer bro.

I would like to declare this YouTube Spam.

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how is this fake the official taylor lautner tweeted it i made a giantbomb just to show u guys and this is how u respond im out

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Fakey fake

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Maybe don't break the rules and people will be nice :D

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I see clips from 4 different movies. The Batman and Robin clip is pretty god damn obvious.

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The most head scratching thing is why would u own a copy of twilight and why would u edit it with batman movies.......... thats a min i can never get back

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Nothing on Taylor Lautner's IMDB page, or his wiki page. Plus the trailer itself looks fanmade
from ze wikipedia

There was also a planned Batman Beyond live action feature, to be written by Paul Dini. However, Warner Bros. shelved the project and eventually went with the Batman Begins concept instead. In August 2000, Warner Bros. announced that it was developing a live action film adaptation of the TV series Batman Beyond with Boaz Yakin attached to co-write and direct. The TV series' creators Paul Dini and Alan Burnett were hired to write a screenplay for the feature film, with author Neal Stephenson consulting the duo. By July 2001, a first draft was turned in to the studio, and the writers were waiting to see if a rewrite would be needed. The studio, also exploring other takes of Batman in development, eventually placed the Batman Beyond on hold in August 2001

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"Looks fake" Du'h... You mean the shots from Batman Forever aren't gonna be in this new movie? Anyone who knows or have at least seen the Batman Movies know exactly what movies most of those Batman shots were taken from

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I like the OP's username, it's very telling.

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Haha, you funny Terry.

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Yeah, I'm just going to go ahead and lock this.