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I gotta go with the Baby Doll episode mocking late 70's family show's. The whole play is brilliant and is one of the reasons this show was the first animated childrens series to win a daytime Emmy. Baby Doll spoilers ahead.

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"I Almost Had Him" is a personal favorite of mine.

Edit: The episode's title seems to be "Almost Got 'Im"

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The Last Laugh has always been my favorite.

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I think my favourite is the two-parter about the robot Batman. I forget the name but I remember it raising some pretty serious questions about the nature of humanity and whether aritificial life is just life.

For a six year old, that's pretty heady shit.

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Sorry couldn't help myself. Answer is obvious though.

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It's gonna be either "Heart of Ice" (I have a cell from that one) or "See No Evil"... Though "Two Face" (both parts) is really good...

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Two-Face: Oh great, Ivy's here. You know, half of me wants to strangle you.

Poison Ivy: And the other half, darling?

Two-Face:To hit you with a truck.

Such a great goddamned episode!

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@bbalpert said:

"I Almost Had Him" is a personal favorite of mine.

It was a big rock. And the episode is actually called "Almost Got'Im."

My personal favorite: The Joker's Favor

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So damn good.