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Do you have a beard? Have you ever had a beard? How long does it take you to grow one? Just your thoughts on beards.

" A man without a beard is like a women with one"- Abraham Lincoln
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I have one.  Shaved it off about a week ago and immediately regretted doing so.  Biggest mistake of my life.  I grew it back though so all is well.


Sorry, forgot to answer one of your questions.  The first time I grew a beard it took a long time though I don't remember how long.  Now, it takes me about a week.

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Effin' eh man!

It can take a few weeks for me to get nice and full. Man that first week is a bitch though when shit gets all itchy.

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Takes maybe a couple weeks to get it as luscious as I like it
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Yay. And like 2-3 weeks. I dunno. Been awhile since I shaved it off.

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Yay. Takes me a week to sport a good ginger beard but I stick to a goatee.

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Mountain man beard.

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Yay. I've had a beard for over 2 years now, I just trim it every couple weeks and I feel badass with one. 

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@JasonR86 said:
" Yay.I have one.  Shaved it off about a week ago and immediately regretted doing so.  Biggest mistake of my life.  I grew it back though so all is well."
Same here, shaved mine for a job interview and everyone said I looked like a freak, much better with. I set my beard trimmer to about 3.5mm, then grow it to about 5mm in a fortnight before shaving it back.
First grew it after I broke up with my last girlfriend about 3 years ago, good thing my new girlfriend liked it
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Fuck yes beard. Currently I'm rocking a long Abe. About three or so inches from my chin and have had it for about a year and a half now (had it for more like a decade, but I keep trimming it real short every time I have to go see family at xmas --  except I didn't do it last year).

If you're a bald and not a beardo, STOP IT. Reclaim your manhood.

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Nay. My face takes too long to grow a proper beard.

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I have a beard.

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I have a fully functional chinstrap beard.

I tried to grow an actual beard, but all I got was a moustache :I

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There's nothing more sacred to a man than his beard!

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I have a goatee.  I tried growing a beard but the shit never grows in all the way and is patchy.  I want one though.  Not a thick one like Will from Tested, just something fairly low but completely covers the skin with no visibility. 

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Of course I have a beard! Shaved it off once in the past 12 years. Didn't like it.

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@SSValis said:

" Do you have a beard? Have you ever had a beard? How long does it take you to grow one? Just your thoughts on beards.
" A man without a beard is like a women with one"- Abraham Lincoln

That pretty much answers your question. I have a beard and its glorious. Had it for about 2 years. Perfected for about 9 months. 
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I don't have a beard, because I can't grow one (yet) but YAY YAY!

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Takes a couple of weeks before I have a good looking beard. I usually keep my beard for a couple of months before getting bored with it and shaving. About a month or so later I start growing it back.

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I could never bother making it look good so I always shave it off once it starts looking hobo.

It's fun for a while though.
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Yes, but I keep it short for a shadow effect. Nothing too long.

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I've gone through many beard phases.  The last time I had one though was probably five years ago...which is, maybe not so coincidentally, when I finished University.  Funny how the beard just doesn't seem as impressive when you're out looking for a serious career.  

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Messy beards can look pretty bad on certain people but better on others, I like to keep a chinstrap.

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@melcene said:
" Goatees. "
Heck yes.
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 I think Katie Holmes is great.

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The beard is a power source unlike no other that a man can harness at any point in his life. It's the ultimate tool in his shed of manlines. Yes, I have a beard and yes, beards are the coolest thing in the world. Just look at Action Hank.

"A man without a beard is not one." - God.

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Hell Yay.

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Hell yes. My face feels cold and naked without it.

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Natures tickler - yay.

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I could grow a fuckin dwarf beard any day, however, I don't have the patience to do so, nor take care of it. Don't get me wrong, I would love to grow one and actually trim it and all that good stuff, but I just don't want to feel as worried as how my beard looks as girls bitch about their eyebrows and all that feminine thingies.

Ps. some guy's beards look awful creepy
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Make sure you keep that shit nice and short, clean and trimmed neatly. Unless, you have the kind of facial hair that looks like spotty pubes. Then shave that shit off, 'cause it's pretty disgusting.

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I can't have a beard, not yet anyway. It would take months to even get recognisable.

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Nay. Beards, unless well-groomed like Will Smith's, are a perfect way of having a man look crusty. 

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I can't grow a good beard. My "beard" comes in spotty. A few years ago I had lost a job and afterwards my friends told me I should grow a beard and panhandle. I told them I would never make it as a homeless man - not because I couldn't panhandle, but because I couldn't grow a beard. They challenged me and told me not to shave for a month. I agreed, reluctantly, and the result was a ridiculous mess that I hope never to relive lol. Imagine a normal person growing a full beard and then shaving with a cheese grater. Minus the horrible cuts - that is how my "beard" grows in lol

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I sure do. You can see it on my profile. It is a bit shorter and more groomed now though. Mostly so that I can grow it longer without looking like a hobo. Beards are awesome.

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Last year I had a nice long beard with a shaved head. Man I love long beards cause no one ever wants to mess with you then look like that.

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I shaved mine this morning.

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I sport a van dyke. Mainly cos that's how it grows, also cos it's funny to say.

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I will never have a beard. I'm way too skinny and pale to wear one with style

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I'm an Asian person and I don't think my facial hair grows in a good pattern, I just look scummy. Firm admirer of beards though.

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I can grow a hell of a beard. It's gray almost white, but it's all mine. I usually grow it for about 4 or 5 months and then shave it. I can grow a full beard in about 5 weeks. Here's an older pic from a few months ago.

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I still can't grow a proper one at the age of 21, and I'm mostly left with a buncha twirly pubes hanging off my chin. I'm getting there with ma moustachio at least.

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nah i just grow my goatee, full beards are too itchy. Nothins more manly than facial hair.

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I love having a beard, idk why but it just feels right. I also hate shaving since my facial hair is made of iron and i need a complex regime to get a good shave. But i also find that having a beard does the opposite for the ladies, then what Lincoln's beard did. I actually got denied a job offer due to having a beard at the time even though everything else was on par or above. Beards aren't what they use to be in society.

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I don't know if its just me but most men think beards look awesome and are manly but most women hate em. At least in my experience, I like to grow a beard but I always get told I look better without one. It grows fast but then it stops and I cant take it to the next level.

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You should only have a beard if you are over the age of 30 IMO. I hate seeing all these 21 year old's walking around with hideous beards, its gross.

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I cant get passed the itching phase... so I shave it all off.