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With great joy I am pleased to share with you this news. Warner Bros. has gone ahead and produced 3 feature length animation movies out of Berserk - a legendary dark fantasy manga. My flipping favorite! I'm overjoyed. Check it out. Hopefully it's as good as could be. Hopefully it'll see a global theatrical release and great success.

Anyways - while I bask in the gooey warm embrace of the realization of the existence of this project, feel free to watch the trailer.

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The only thing I will say is this:

Poor, poor Casca....

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I'm always up for more Berserk.

Haha. I remember playing Gut's Rage on the Dreamcast before ever hearing of the franchise. Blew my friggin mind, it did. Bizarre dark fantasy, ultra violence and that Susumu Hirasawa music... so good!

Still, I've not read the comic, seeing as it's so damn long, but the series was really awesome. If the ending of this movie series is as mind-bogglingly brutal as the TV version, then it's going to be quite the spectacle!

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@Lykos said:

The only thing I will say is this:

Poor, poor Casca....


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@Seppli: I've know this for a long time. And yes, I can't wait to see it. However, right now it will only be released in Japan.

A friend of mine informed me of this film last year.

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@SubwayD: The anime left out a lot of details and characters. But, the anime wasn't terrible either, did a really good job of making you want to read the manga.

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Oh man, Berserk. That manga blew my mind. I was hooked but then stopped reading it a couple years ago, maybe I'll pick it up again. Even if it takes me months to catch up, lol.

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@Revolver said:

@Lykos said:

The only thing I will say is this:

Poor, poor Casca....


This. A million times this.

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Casca got fucked =(

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@GTCknight: Great avatar.

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@Calavero: It's worth it. I don't know where you stopped but, I can tell you what chapter its on right now.

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What? That is awesome. How far are they going to go? With three movies I assume past the anime.

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@Enigma777: Thank you.

It was a royal pain to find this perfect shot. I hate skimming an entire episode just to find one perfect scene yet, it was worth it in the end.

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@Scrumdidlyumptious said:

Casca got fucked =(

You could say she got screwed over.

...I feel terrible.

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Holy fucking shit, best news in a long as time. Does anyone know how far the manga has been translated so far? I stopped reading a long time ago.

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I've still yet to see this...I'm missing out right?

Not in an over hyped kind of way almost strictly for anime fans either right? Like it's on the Cowboy Bebop and Gurren Laggann level.

I remember giving up waiting for it to show up on Netflix Instant.

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@Gringus: The latest is chapter 326.

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@Doctorchimp: The anime is great but, the manga is the origin of the whole series.

As for the story will this image help because I'm not sure if I should spoil anything.

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@GTCknight: So mercenary barbarian becomes a demon?

Or something?

Does that stuff happen in the anime? 25 episodes plus those 3 movies that are coming out sounds doable.

386 manga chapters sounds like something I can't make time to find and read.

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@Doctorchimp: Your half right. The main character (Guts) was a mercenary in the beginning of the story. however, he gets branded by five beings known as the God Hand. During that same day he was branded everyone he knew (expect two) and cared about was killed right in front of him.

Basically its a story about revenge. Its set in a fictional Dark Age (rape, massacre, torture, ect) with magic. They do the whole magic thing very well though, Its not something everyone in their world knows about. Berserk is a very dark series. Hell I've already read, how one of the characters was forced (because the church branded her a witch) to burn his own mother.

As for the demon part, that's where your wrong. Guts hasn't doesn't become a demon. personality wise there have been times (like in that image) where he might be worse than one but, in the end Guts is still a human being.

The best thing I can say, is that you might want to go to a manga site and read the summary. That should help far better than I can try and explain (i'm a little bit tried right now.)

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@Hailinel said:

@Revolver said:

@Lykos said:

The only thing I will say is this:

Poor, poor Casca....


This. A million times this.


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Awww shit, can't wait to watch Guts wreck some more fools.

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I remember watching the anime and it scarring me slightly at age 12. Mainly cause it was the first series I saw a child murdered and man on man relations in. I didn't think the original was animated particularly badly, some stuff stood out as cheap but all the fight scenes were done well. This kind of feels like George Lucas adding storm troopers riding dinosaurs, from the trailer it looks to be a frame for frame copy...but prettier.

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I hope it's great, but given the source material and that Studio 4c is doing the animation I'm sure it'll surpass my expectations.

Hah, I remember obessing over the 15 second long snippets from what felt like ages ago. More likely just a year ago.

edit: OH FUCK IT'S OUT!?!?!?

edit edit: motherfuck, it's the first 10 minutes.