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I'm gonna have to go with Angel Dust.

Angel Dust roolz.

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You know what? I tried to think of a better one than "Angel Dust," but I just couldn't. So, I guess I agree. Come to think of it, I haven't really listened to a Faith No More album all the way through in years. I should dig out my CDs and have a go.

... ...

And I can't believe somebody actually posted a topic in the Mike Patton forum. Hell, I can't believe there even is a Mike Patton forum.
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I know, isn't it great?

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agreed, although california and disco volante both have some of the best songs...but angel dust was just a start to finish album..so good

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Angel Dust for sure.

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shaletron said:
agreed, although california and disco volante both have some of the best songs...
Desert Search for Techno Allah off Disco Volante is one of my favorites.
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I really have to say Angel Dust. Although, Mr. Bungle is great. I mean damn, my Xbox Live gamertag is Techno AIIah.(Two i's, though.)

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Oh god, as if I could choose...

King for a Day, Fool For a Lifetime = Disco Volante > California = Peeping Tom = Angel Dust > The Director's Cut > the rest

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Very tough. Angel Dust, Disco Volante and the Mr. Bungle S/T probably top my list.

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Angel Dust is great, no doubt. Just the breadth of music on that album. It's the same reason I've come to love Fantômas - each album has been a completely unique trip into Pattons head. Here's the curve ball though; for my money the best FnM album was Live at the Brixton Academy. Sure, not original material but it showcases the band as the stellar live act they were. The version of War Pigs on that recording is sublime.

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+1 for Angel Dust

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Irony is a dead scene because it is the only thing with him on I have ever fully listened to.

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I have a soft spot for Mr Bungle - California  has some of my favorite songs on there.  Then Angel Dust then the first Tomahawk album.

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Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle.

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When he teamed up with Dillinger Escape Plan

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Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By

Lovage is bitchin' 
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@SeriouslyNow said:
@Chop said:
" Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By

Lovage is bitchin' 
You two just made my day. 
Lovage is my favorite, hands down.
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Gonna go against the grain here and say the first Tomahawk album. 

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Holy shit, a Mike Patton forum? Anyhow, I've held a serious love for King for a Day since the day that album came out.

California is another favorite. I love some Angel Dust and Disco Volante, but I appreciate the more traditional structures of KFAD and California.

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I really dig that entire album, but just Jockstrap. Great tune.
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For me, I like California, Peeping Tom and Angel Dust a lot.

I also love listening to Director's Cut...

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Angel Dust has Midlife Crisis, so that.

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King for a Day > Angel Dust = The Real Thing

And while jogging my memory of how fucking old I am I saw this on Wikipedia about, King for a Day...Fool for a Lifetime.

" A 7 x 7-inch box set of singles was released, which included the B-sides and some interviews between the songs."

Holy shit! If these are vinyl I need to find that shit pronto.

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Kaada/Patton - Romances

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I think that Disco Volante probably wins out for me. Then California, then Angel Dust probably. After that it gets damn hard. But Mr Bungle are certainly my favourite Patton project. In fact tah for bumping all this, think it's time to give Disco Volante a spin.

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The only Faith No More album that I have ever really listened to is King For a Day. That was years ago but I remember liking it.

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The first Mr Bungle is probably my favourite now as it's aged a lot better than The Real Thing which was far and away my favourite back in the day.

Never liked Angel Dust for whatever reason.

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Personally, my favorite thing that he's ever done was Fantomas' Delirium Cordia. If I was ever going to write a 74 minute song, it would definitely be as awesome as that.

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I'm also partial to that whole minute he was in Dillinger as well.

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