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You know. Those moments in your favorite cartoons or anime or even a CGI cutscene from a pixar or a regular video game that was just so awesome that you had to rewatch it again and again? Some scary? Some funny? Some just fucking awesome to watch?

Here is where you put down what your favorite moment can be. If the show is only 2 years old keep a spoiler warning for the rest of us if that is okay with everyone. Okay! Lets get the show on the road. I got a top five for this one.

Also, new rule just so we don't end up creating a computer destroying page by accident.

NO QUOTING VIDEOS! You can post a video just don't quote constantly so users with slower computers can keep up!

5. Courage the cowardly dog KING RAAAAAMSEEESS!!! THE MAN IN GOZE!

This single part scared the living shit from my body when I was a kid. I mean, dear sweet goodness this scared the crap out of me! It was just so fucking weird, CGI mummy suddenly after these guys with a creepy as hell voice!? Why the fuck was this show canceled!? This show kicks ass and this show could easily dominate the list in favorite moments! Sure Freaky Fred was... freaky, but this one scared me so much that I changed the channel! Something I have never done except with this ONE cartoon.

4. Samurai Jack, Jack meets the Scotsman

The Scotsman episodes were some of my very favorite episodes in the entire series of this awesome series. Seriously. This show kicked so much ass and the Scotsman somehow made it even more kickass than usual. His 20 second long insult is just one of many great moments with him! Seriously, if you get the chance, check this show out before someone makes a live action movie that shits on this classic masterpiece of a series.

3. Gurren Lagann... Gurren Lagann in general.

I... cannot recommend this series enough. It is so fucking amazing that it not only kicks your and my ass, but it kicks it so hard that it creates a time loop forward and backward so it can kick your and my ass with awesomeness for the rest of eternity in both ways. I mean... holy shit this show is just awesome in general. I cannot pick a single moment because all the moments are so awesome that I cannot choose. I literally can't choose people. This may be cheating, but fuck it! it's Gurren Lagann dammit!

2. Onimusha 3 intro... dear God...

Dear Jesus... I... currently have no words about this. This is just a level of insane awesomeness that many films these days have never been able to be. They got actual sword masters from China to do this scene I should add. I mean... holy fucking crap. Just... watch the video and make sure your jaw is firmly attached to your head at all times. Otherwise it is possible that it will fall out during your viewing of this video. All these years later and it still looks fucking amazing! See this Hollywood! This is how you do a CGI scene!

1. Goku goes super saiyan for the first time.

I HAD to put this at number one, anime haters be fucking damned! This moment is just so fucking awesome that it MADE my entire childhood. It was just insane seeing a regular character get killed off then to suddenly have quite possibly the greatest power up scene of all time from pure rage mode. Seriously, as soon as you see the Golden hair you know that Frieza's ass is going to beaten to a bloody unrecognizable pulp. Seriously, every single kid back then that watched this said a single phrase upon watching this moment. "Holy shit!" Okay maybe it was "Holy crap!" But we really meant to say 'shit!' I still remember the day I saw this part. It is just as awesome now as it was back then. I will never forget the moment.

What is your favorite animated moments in TV/other media moment of all time?

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any scences from the clone wars.

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All your shows suck! Argue with me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@connerthekewlkid: Oh man, I fully agree with all those moments! If there is one good thing that the prequels made. It is that show.

@awesomeusername said:

All your shows suck! Argue with me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nah... am mellow today, ask me again tomorrow when I will most likely be ANGRY!!!

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@Jay444111: You ruin everything! I hate you!!! :'(

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@awesomeusername: NO RUSTLED JIMMIES FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is always pretty cool:

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@connerthekewlkid: Screw your jimmies! I'll go get my own at Kate's house!!!

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Fond of this moment. (English because Steve Blum)

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The Agni Kai between Zuko and Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender (season 3). Don't have a Youtube clip though, I'm in the office right now. Youtube is blocked :(

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@Video_Game_King said:

This is always pretty cool:

I love you. Truly, one of the greatest moments on the telly.

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At 7.47my fave line of all and moment of all "SUCK ON THAT!!! YEE BASTARD!"

This moment from Golden boy. This video is enhanced with Guile's theme...and my god does it add alot more awesome.

The end to DragonBall GT....I know GT I was half good half shit...but the ending ALWAYS gets me. Its the end of Dragonball, Z and GT.

If there ever was a sad and epic end to an anime. 3x3 eyes.

I will try and think of some none anime stuff.

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Katanagatari episode 4. If you've seen the episode, you know why.

(probably not my favorite of all time, but I sure as hell won't ever forget it)

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In an effort to not post anything Full Metal Alchemist or Baccano related, I'll post this little classic piece of Shonen anime. I've recommended this to you before, Jay, you'd love the hell out of it:



Well, I was going to post the Toguro vs. Yusuke fight in Yu Yu Hakusho, but every single Youtube video of it feels the need to cut out the sound and post their shitty music against it. I don't want to post that.

Anyway, that particularly fight is a good fight for every reason that shonen fight should be - it's the culmination of several season's worth of tension and emotions coming from each character. I don't think I've ever seen such great character development from any single fighting anime as the kind that comes from the four main fighters of that series. Certainly the show is self-aware of its own cheesiness, but I'll be damned if it isn't entertaining all the way and for all the right reasons.

EDIT: Oh, wait, how could I have possibly forgotten?

and the last three episodes of Samurai Champloo, especially Mugen's fight.

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@Video_Game_King said:

This is always pretty cool:

You are such a great person for posting this. I did not know this existed.

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@awesomeusername: HEY! What did I say about quotes and videos in this topic?

Anyways. I got a couple more moments from my favorite animator of all time, Don Bluth. (No one fucks with this man. NO ONE!)

This moment fucking broke me as a child. I mean... holy shit man... holy fucking crap. A dinosaur just died and I was crying! That is amazing... let us ignore the 5 trillion movies after this one mkay?

The next one is from my favorite western animated movie. THE SECRET OF NIMH

Me and my brothers may disagree on almost everything. But this movie is the one thing we can all agree on, is that it is amazing and that we should all shut up and watch it together as a family. No one messes with The Secret of NIMH. It is just a kickass movie that I recommend EVERYONE to watch at least once. Don Bluths best work IMO!

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Did you ever see Titan AE? Another of Don Bluth's fims, it was one of his later works though.

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The final battle between Aang and Fire Lord Ozai was amazing, though so was that entire finale.

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@Jay444111: Yesssss, get angry young sith!

@believer258: Yu Yu Hakasho was awesome. Fucking Spirit Gun! I think I'm going to start watching that online.

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@Video_Game_King: I love you, VGK

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@Jay444111 said:

A dinosaur just died and I was crying!

Nobody give this kid a history book.

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Courage itself is one of the best moments on TV. I mean, seriously, that shit was disturbing. Did you ever saw the episode about PROSTITUTION!? Or the one that parodies The Exorcist? Holy fucking christ, dude.

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Found an awesome none anime moment!

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@Video_Game_King said:

@Jay444111 said:

A dinosaur just died and I was crying!

Nobody give this kid a history book.

HAHAHAHA! Good one. ;D (I felt the need to reply to you about your great humor my lord.

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@Video_Game_King said:

@Jay444111 said:

A dinosaur just died and I was crying!

Nobody give this kid a history book.

That's what happened right?

For the OP, the best show was obviously Gargoyles.

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I'm a big fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender so I'll post this @MegaLombax said:

The Agni Kai between Zuko and Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender (season 3).

Such a good show. Action is great, writing is great and entertaining, pacing is good and the show doesn't drag itself out over a bazillion seasons. The buildup to this part was so well done.

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@Jay444111: I take your Goku SSJ1 transformation and raise you Gohan's SSJ2 transformation.

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I'm far from a big anime fan, and think most anime that's brought over to the US is cheesy as hell frankly, but the last few scenes from Cowboy Bebop are some of my favorite scenes in any television show.

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@DillonWerner: That moment is also pretty damn awesome as well. But still I gotta give my love to Goku's first transformation. That one kicked so much ass.

Another favorite animated moments are...

Justice League unlimited!

This part is so damn awesome. Everyone is down except for The Flash. You think he is running away until he strait up DESTROYS Lex/Brainiac! I thought his power was lame at first until I watched this part. Damn!

Now for Batman the animated series and his best reaction!

Dear goodness I can laugh hard at this one. Hell the comments on this one are amazing! "ERROR: Program happiness.exe not found." Damn, Batman is awesome!

This next one... I really want to see this movie. It looks fucked up beyond belief judging by this video! Warning... scary shit ahead.

Seriously, if some weird being tells you that it's name is satan you run the fuck away! Don't be like that one kid and check it out! I would never even THINK of doing that. Now... If forced I would try and strangle him... somehow... wait... what would happen if someone literally killed evil? Would they become evil or... what? Would I paradox all of existence by killing evil and thus becoming evil by killing evil which in itself is an evil act!?

...Okay... All better now. Now for a FIST OF THE NORTH STAR scene!

Now I would've put in a fight scene or a death scene. But those are so spoiler-y that I really don't want to spoil how awesome this series is, sure the animation may not be this good in other parts but it is the story that is really good in this series. Also the fact that youtubers keep putting stupid fucking music tracks in where they shouldn't be!

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Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo.

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I don't know, my favorite moments in animated shows are mostly just dialogue scenes. Any time you got Charlie Murphy's and Samuel L. Jackson's characters from The Boondocks in a car together... brilliant.

Also just about any scene or line in Archer.

@Jay444111 said:

@awesomeusername: HEY! What did I say about quotes and videos in this topic?

I don't think it's official until you put "56k Warning" in the thread title.

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Yep....the whole intro!.

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Behold I return from the land of the anime topic where I am now staying away from for a few hours.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Indeed Coop, indeed!

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@xpogox said:

Yep....the whole intro!.

Where has this show been all my life?!?!

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@Jay444111: Also in The Adventures of Mark Twain is this treatise on heaven:

I also submit these two moments from the best Batman movie before Nolan too charge. Spoilers, I suppose, in the second.

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Does this count? Because if it does I'm seriously blown away that it hasn't been posted yet.

If it doesn't, I'd like to submit the greatest intro of a kids tv show ever;

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Don't have any specific moments, but a few cartoons growing up that I enjoyed.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Simpsons - up until about season 9...then it seemed to all go down hill from there
  • Tiny Toons - still remember the "MTV" spoof episode where they had "They Might Be Giants" do music videos to their songs with the Tiny Toon characters
  • Animaniacs
  • Hey Arnold!
  • X-Men
  • Batman: The Animated Series
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One thing that I will never forget as a kid is the 'House and Garden' episode in the Batman Animated Series. The one where Poison Ivy 'reforms' and is apart of her own family, but... Christ, that put that in a kids tv show?! On the same subject, I remember the Clay Face origin episode in general was pretty unnerving when I first watched it as a kid.

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@MikeGosot said:

Courage itself is one of the best moments on TV. I mean, seriously, that shit was disturbing. Did you ever saw the episode about PROSTITUTION!? Or the one that parodies The Exorcist? Holy fucking christ, dude.

Haha, yeah, that show was incredibly haunting during the days as a kid, especially with all of the fucked up nonsense that happens to Eustace...

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@Yummylee said:

@MikeGosot said:

Courage itself is one of the best moments on TV. I mean, seriously, that shit was disturbing. Did you ever saw the episode about PROSTITUTION!? Or the one that parodies The Exorcist? Holy fucking christ, dude.

Haha, yeah, that show was incredibly haunting during the days as a kid, especially with all of the fucked up nonsense that happens to Eustace...

I kinda liked him, and hoped he would get a happy ending. I mean, his mother was FUCKED UP, his childhood was worse, so, he desrved at least to be happy.
Also, that red cat? Fuck him. Fuck him to the realms of death.
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This isn't really to answer you question, but I think my favorite current one has to Tron: Uprising. I love Tron and this is quite a good addition to it. Actually, I take that back, it's the only animated show I really like. I don't really watch cartoon shows.

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How the FUCK did I forget Batman: The Animated Series? The show that spawned a lifetime obsession with the greatest superhero of all time? Fuck. I change my vote to that.

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Batman TAS. The show oozes production values that no other animated series touches.

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:( thanks to you guys I miss the 90s. batman most of all it gave me nightmares but it was so good

anyone see the invisible man episode or the one where they had adam west as a guest voice actor??

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Batman TAS, hell the whole DCAU (Even the animated shows outside the regular universe of it like Young Justice and Teen Titans) are chockful of fantastic moments.

I personally love this piece of badassery by Superman. Everybody rags on Big Blue being too corny, but there really are some amazing things to be done with him in the proper hands.

If you haven't seen it I highly recommend the animated adaption of All-Star Superman as well. It's a great flick.