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A bacon sandwich.

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2 ibuprofen before bed with a full glass of water. Get up, and take 1 more ibuprofen. Sleep for another 30 minutes, and wake up feeling like a champ

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Super greasy pho.

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Drink a lot of water before you go to sleep. The few times I've gotten hangovers is because I didn't do this. I don't usually get them, I usually wake up still drunk...

If you do wake up with one. Gatorade or Coconut Water (C20 is the best choice for non-sweetened), some food when you can hold it down, an advil when you can handle the food, and really a whole day of rest.

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Like most of have already said, water is a safe bet. But, I find that having something with a bit of sugar in it (like popsicles) works wonders.

The best hangover cure I have ever found, is to eat the most greasy meal you can...I'd recommend fried eggs and bacon. I know it sounds like the last thing in the world you would want to eat with a hangover, but for some reason the greasy food really does settle the stomach. WARNING: it's best if you don't cook the food yourself but instead order it from a restaurant...that way you won't have to smell it until your ready to eat it.

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A hangover after 8 drinks and some shots? Does not compute. You should be leaping out of bed.

Anyway the best hangover cure is to know people who can give you a saline IV drip. That shit will clear out in no time.

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The traditional British breakfast or the traditional American breakfast, mainly consisting of eggs (one of the important parts) and other traditional things, like hashbrowns and other sides.

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Masturbation, weed, and McDonald's.

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@Claude said:

Fuck me.

If that truly works then you must be one busy man.

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Drink as much water as you drank alcohol, right before going to bed. Yes you will have to get up during the night to piss but that is much better than having a hangover. I usually take half a B vitamin the morning after, that helps as well. Gatorade/Powerade/Vitamin water is also good the day after

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A good puke and a joint.

Then curl up in a ball on the shower floor and promise yourself over and over you'll never drink again.

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You can't necessarily cure a hangover, but you can lessen its effects. As others have said, I'd recommend water, food, and sleep.

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@Claude said:

Hydrate and sleep it off.
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Gatorade and workout at the gym.

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Fapping really hard.

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Mcgriddle, and just drink water till you throw up. Seriously though, throwing up helps. I'm not saying force yourself to throw up, more that if you feel like it's going to happen, don't fight it.

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Best cure for a hang over is to not drink because its fucking gross.

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there is no cure, though greasy food makes you feel slightly better.

just stay hydrated

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Jack in the Box the next day and water.

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Remember seeing the show Brainiac Science Abuse (with Richard Hammond from Top Gear UK) where they did a test on this & apart from hydration, seems that what worked best was a classic breakfast with toast,eggs,ect.

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Water and or gatorade.

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Let time pass. Everyone has a million different things to try but while you're trying all of them, time is passing and you're recovering lol. That's all it takes lol.

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Water, and drinking a glass of water while drinking your drinks is a great idea. Helps balance the system a little.

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Gatorade and taco bell for me then a warm shower helps me.

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Cysteine Capsules......Shit works!!!! N-acetyl-Cysteine is one of the most important supplements when thinking about liver detoxification, hangover prevention and hangover treatments. Even having multiple drinks once a week has a powerfully damaging effect on the body, especially the liver. As the liver struggles to process the foreign ethanol, its enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase is converting the ethanol into acetaldehyde, a substance that is over ten times to thirty times more toxic than ethanol itself. Also found in tobacco smoke, acetaldehyde is an organic compound thought to be the primary source of hangovers, is a probable carcinogen and is damaging to DNA. In industry, acetaldehyde is used in making plastics and shares a chemical relationship with formaldehydefound in enbalming fluid. And while alcohol dehydrogenase and glutathione do a good job at converting acetaldehyde to its less harmful acetic acid forelimination, pounding on the booze over a short period of time overwhelm's the liver's ability to create glutathione, allowing more time for the acetaldehyde to damage the liver. This is where N-Acetyl Cysteine comes in. Part of the acetyl group with an attached nitrogen atom, N-acetyl-Cysteine is the derivative of the L-cysteine amino acid and a precursor of the Glutathione antioxidant of the thiol (sulfhydryl) group that is able to reduce free radicals. It is the mightyGlutathione that binds to rogue acetaldehyde, metabolizing the molecules to acetic acid for elimination. As a primer to alcohol consumption, N-acetyl-Cysteine primes the body with sufficient glutathione antioxidants and helps fight off the damaging effects of ethanol as it is being consumed (though not the actual intoxication). As a hangover remedy, acetaldehyde continues to be produced in the body well after you've stopped drinking, and taking N-acetyl-Cysteine helps here to produce the necessary glutathione to combat the continued presence of acetaldehyde. Benefits after abstinence include a further promotion of detoxification in the liver and as a free radical combating oxidative stress. It may further be helpful with complications such as HIV infection, cancer, heart disease, cigarette smoking, chemotherapy, cocaine addiction and dependence and is used in hospitals as an emergency antidote to acetaminophen poisoning. Again, I'm a beer lover not a doctor, so consult your physician before starting any liver detox or treatments. Multiple readings suggest dosing N-acetyl-Cystein with a vitamin C dose three times that of N-acetyl-Cystein, so ask your doctor.

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Like everyone else said, lots and lots of water.

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Get stoned. Always used to work for me.

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@Demoskinos said:

Best cure for a hang over is to not drink because its fucking gross.

You must be a blast on a night out.

Loads of water, a fry-up and chill in bed. Sorted.

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Gatorade or Vitamin Water that has electrolytes. That or water.

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A shit ton of water and some peanut butter on toast usually does it for me.

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1. Drink water. Lots of it.

2. Sleep. Passing out drunk is not the same as healthy, natural sleep.

3. A large dosage of vitamins is also supposed to work. Your results may vary.

4. Marijuana. If it's good enough to kill the nausea for chemotherapy and end-stage AIDS patients, it's more than effective for a hangover.

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I read an article on Cracked that said you should eat a bacon sandwich.

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IV drip, if you have a EMT, Nurse, or Doctor as friend get them to give it to you. Super fast hydration.

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Vomit once or twice.
Preferably twice.
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Grease! Salt! PROTEIN FOR MOTH-sorry, Prey flashbacks.

But seriously, fried meat and either that coconut water on pg 1 or sugar-free sports drinks.

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One beer, a pint of coconut water, and a liter of regular water.

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Gallons of water and then feeling like shit and living with it.

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@Dunchad said:

@Sweep said:

Drink a load of water before you go to sleep, I always force myself to down a pint of the stuff if I need to be up early the next morning, and make sure you sleep with some kind of fruit juice next to your bed. When you wake up at 5 or 6 am feeling dehydrated it's because your blood-sugar is low, so a few gulps of fruit juice will sort you out and should let you get back to sleep pretty quickly. When you wake up I'd recommend more fruit juice and always more water (a couple of pints at least).

Good advice. I don't drink these days anymore, but back when I did, I usually followed similar recipe.

  1. Don't go to sleep if you're still "getting drunk" - i.e. you just had an alcoholic drink recently.
  2. Drink a bunch of water/orange juice and eat something before bed.
  3. When you wake up during the night/early morning, drink more and grab a few painkillers.
  4. Sleep until evening.

That usually does it. I often suffered from sensitive stomach during the day still, but usually only minor headache or none at all. And the best cure really is to delay going to bed as long as possible. Worst hangovers occur when you pass out or just go to bed in the midst of drinking.

Please disregard point 3: Do not take fucking painkillers just to mitigate a hangover. Many painkillers like Vicodin or Percocet have large doses of acetaminophen, which is absolutely terrible for your liver. And mixing pills with some hair of the dog can easily kill you.

If your drinking has led to the point where only opiates can dull the pain in the morning, it might be time for rehab.

(I'm now sure the poster was referring to OTC pain relievers.)

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Bright lights, loud noises, and for god's sake avoid water!

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@Hitchenson If you need to drink to have fun then you are a boring person. Sorry I dont have to drink mind altering poison to have a good time.
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@Demoskinos: I didn't say I needed to drink to have fun, but it's fun to have a drink now and then. Lighten up.

"mind altering poison" Fucking hilarious.

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@Hitchenson Sorry, but it is.
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Water and weed is all you need.

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Water and other fluids that are good for replenishing electrolytes (gatorade, rehydrant packets, etc). Also burritos and meat lovers pizza with pineapples.

#97 Posted by Downloaded (213 posts) -

@Demoskinos: Sorry you're not mature enough to realize that drinking is just another way to have fun.

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Water and time.

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Water, a pint of orange juice, a 400mg ibuprofen and 2 multivitamins.

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Sports drinks and greasy fast food work for me.